"The AFU is doing its job": the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reacted to the leak of secret U.S. documents

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Malyar commented on the leak of secret US documents

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has reacted to the leak of secret US documents that may concern the war in Ukraine. The deputy head of the ministry, Anna Malyar, noted that a narrow circle of people always knows about the planning of military operations, so the risk of such information leaking is very low, although it cannot be denied.

The big risk is that data that many people know about will be "leaked," Malyar stressed during an April 11 national telethon. According to her, if strategic military decisions are being discussed, it is probably someone's personal opinion.

There is little time between the approval and implementation of such decisions, so they will not be discussed for weeks by the entire state, the deputy minister of defense noted. She recalled the actions of the Ukrainian military during the de-occupation of the Kharkiv and Kherson regions.

"No one discussed it beforehand. The AFU were quietly doing their job," added Malyar.

Earlier, on April 8, The New York Times reported that a new batch of U.S. documents, including classified ones on Ukraine, China and the Middle East, had appeared online. More than a hundred classified data could have been "leaked" to the public. Washington officials acknowledged that the scale of such a leak, together with the sensitivity of the data themselves, could cause enormous damage.

CNN wrote that the leak of such information allegedly forced Ukraine to change its military plans. Some of the documents reveal key flaws in Ukrainian weaponry, air defense, battalion size and readiness.

This incident worried the Pentagon, because only the day before it became known about the leak of information detailing U.S. and NATO plans to strengthen the AFU before the counterattack. The OP said at the time that the published data probably contained a statistical analysis of arms supplies. They assured that the Russian troops will be the first to know about the real plans of the counterattack.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the US Department of State has assured that the leak of secret documents of the US Department of Defense would not affect military assistance to Ukraine. The U.S. will continue to support Kiev in its fight against a full-scale invasion by Russia.

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