The 10 most popular resorts in the U.S., which tourists choose

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Which American cities are most often visited by tourists

The U.S. is a country where everything is possible! That is why many tourists dream to come here. Las Vegas, New York, Chicago - everyone has heard about these cities. The renowned service Tripadvisor published a rating of the best American resorts. In the selection by OBOZREVATEL you will find the top resorts.

1. Las Vegas (Nevada)

The city, famous all over the world because of the incredible number of casinos. Here you can win a million or lose your last socks. In any case, those who want to test their luck and nerves come here. In addition to the vibrant nightlife, the resort offers guests a lot of interesting entertainment, elite restaurants and spa complexes. All for the sake of the highest comfort of tourists.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/las-vegas-gfa98496121920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":895, "title": "Las Vegas - the entertainment and casino capital.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

2. Oahu (Hawaii)

One of Hawaii's largest islands is known to the world primarily for the tragic events at Pearl Harbor. In 1941, Japan attacked the United States, completely destroying the ships standing there. Along with this many people died. Now in memory of the victims of the shelling here built a memorial. However, there is little reminder of the war years. The island has long been a tourist destination that hosts tens of thousands of foreigners each year. There are many incredibly beautiful hotel complexes, there is a large selection of beaches, restaurants, entertainment and sightseeing programs. Visitors especially like the Chinatown with its amazing architecture.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/hawaii-g9e62adf1a1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1202, "title": "Oahu has very nice beaches.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

3. Maui (Hawaii)

The picturesque island is very popular with tourists. Here, along a 50-kilometer coastline there are dozens of hotels with the best accommodations. However, the main feature is the local food. One has to try the local fish delicacies at least once to fall in love with this paradise resort forever. In addition to beach holidays, you can find many hiking excursions. Most of them offer a walk to the volcano, which is located right in the center of Maui, and has an identical name.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/beach-g0e6680fdb1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1280, "title": "Maui has a good selection of activities.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

4. Key West, Florida

Another American city located on the island of the same name. It is a famous diving center, where every year diving enthusiasts from all over the world come. Coral reefs and a large variety of fish attract the attention of tourists. No wonder the warm southern beach is so insanely popular.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/key-west-g274aca6db1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1280, "title": "Many divers come to Key West.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

5. New York City (NYC)

A city of the future with hundreds of skyscrapers, smiling people, and an incredible pace of life. Visitors to New York City should not miss Manhattan, the historical, financial, and cultural center of the metropolis. You should also go to a play at the famous Broadway Theater and stroll along the paths of Central Park. By the way, the latter has been featured in many American movies, including "Home Alone" and "The Hating Game."

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/buildings-g8e88690921920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1080, "title": "New York City is famous for its skyscrapers.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

The most mystical city in the United States. Perhaps that's the way writers and filmmakers have made it, repeatedly describing Orleans as the home of witches, vampires, shamans, and werewolves. However, the locals don't mind such fame. They even hold an annual themed festival, where they dress up as all sorts of devils.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/home-g060fa8d261920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1435, "title": "New Orleans is shrouded in incredible mystique.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

7. Savannah, Georgia.

It was with this city that the history of the state of Georgia began. It was built in 1733. Back then, there were 24 identical blocks, each of which formed a square. Even now, Savannah hasn't changed much. There are no skyscrapers and no freeways. It's a nice community for a quiet, relaxed life. People come here to admire the beauty of nature and take a break from the fast pace of life.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/bonaventure-cemetery-g78220efb21920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":897, "title": "Savannah is Georgia's oldest city.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

8. Miami Beach, Florida

A favorite place of the celebrities, who come here for the incredible beaches and comfortable hotels. But that's not all the city is famous for. There are many parks and unusual neighborhoods. In one of them, for example, there are low colorful houses, near which tourists love to be photographed.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/sunrise-g56790651c1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1080, "title": "Stars like to come to Miami Beach.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

9. Nashville, Tennessee

The American capital of country music - that's how you can describe the city. Here there is a museum and an entire radio station devoted to this musical genre. The local bars are always full of cheerful tunes, and on weekends they also play live. So country music lovers should definitely visit this resort.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/graffiti-g65a25fe641280.jpg", "imgWidth":1280, "imgHeight":853, "title": "Nashville has a Country Music Museum.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

10. Sedona (Arizona).

The city's main feature is its rocky scenery. This desolate area is famous for its incredible views, interesting hiking trails, and many galleries. However, visitors come here primarily for pictures of the scarlet hills.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/21/sedona-g70efef0841920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1275, "title": "Sedona has good desert nature.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

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