Sweet fertilizer to save geraniums: there will be many more flowers

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How to fertilize geraniums

Pelargonium or geranium is a fairly unpretentious plant, but improper care can lead to negative consequences. Temperature fluctuations, constant drafts, and excessive humidity will cause the flowers to fade and rot.

Pelargoniums need a lot of sunlight, so it is better to place the pots on the windowsill. In this case, transplantation should be carried out only when the roots become too crowded in the container. OBOZ.UA offers a simple recipe for an effective fertilizer that will help you quickly save geraniums.

Winter feeding

If the plant looks "tired", the flowers begin to droop, fall off, or turn yellow, immediate measures should be taken.

Florists advise trying an effective sweet fertilizer. Two ingredients will come in handy: water and sugar.

In winter, when there is a lack of sunlight and condensation often appears on the windows, so indoor plants need additional care. Sugar fertilizer will help to nourish the flower. Pelargonium will grow better and bloom longer.

Fertilizer recipe

  1. Pour 600 ml of water at room temperature into a container.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix thoroughly.
  3. Water the pelargonium under the root.

Sugar fertilization can be carried out no more than once a month. Waterlogging of the soil often leads to disastrous consequences and can cause rot and mold.

You can fertilize pelargonium with sugar watering not only during the cold season. The fertilizer will be useful when the geranium begins to experience a lack of sunlight. If the pelargonium pot is in a darkened place or on a windowsill on the north side, sugar watering can be carried out in summer.

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