Stormy winds, snow and frost: the weather forecaster clarified the forecast for Tuesday and told when the weather will recede

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Weather forecast for Ukraine
Weather forecast for Ukraine

A sharp change in the weather is expected in Ukraine on Tuesday, March 28. There will be precipitation across almost the entire territory, strong gusts of wind are forecast, and in some places, there will be a cold snap. Warmth will return to the country only on the weekend (April 1-2).

Weather forecaster Natalia Didenko shared the relevant data on Telegram. She explained that on Tuesday, an active cyclone that originated over the Mediterranean will move to us.

Heavy precipitation is possible in the western and northern regions, as well as in a large part of central Ukraine. Rains will turn into sleet.

"In the west, precipitation will decrease during the day, in the east, rain is more likely in the afternoon and evening," the expert said.

The wind will gradually shift from southeast to northwest, 5-12 m/s. Gusts may reach stormy values of up to 15-22 m/s.

In some regions, it will get sharply colder to +1...+7 degrees. Warm weather will continue in the east, with temperatures expected to reach +10...+16 on Tuesday. In the central regions and the south, the average temperature will be +6...+12 degrees.

On March 28, the weather is expected to deteriorate in Kyiv. Rain with the transition to sleet, heavy precipitation is possible. Northwest wind with gusts up to 15-20 m/s.

The temperature in the capital next night (March 28) will still be high, up to +12, but on Tuesday afternoon thermometers will show +5...+3 degrees.

"In the future, the cold snap will cover the whole of Ukraine and will intensify to a slight frost. Warming will come only on Saturday-Sunday," Didenko wrote.

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- Weather forecaster Ihor Kibalchych said that a significant cold snap is expected in Ukraine, which will cause the so-called Carpathian cyclone. On March 28-29, frosts will hit the entire country, and precipitation is expected.

- Natalia Didenko also reported that a cyclone is moving to Ukraine, which will bring cold weather and snow.

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