Stakhovsky broke up with his Russian wife because of his decision to fight for Ukraine. The couple has three children

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The famous tennis player made an unexpected confession

The famous tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky has admitted that he has decided to divorce his wife Anfisa Bulgakova, who was born in Kemerovo and holds a Russian passport. The couple, who have been officially married since 2011, have three children: a daughter, Taisiya (2014), and two sons: Nikifor (2015) and Alex (2019).

Stakhovsky said that the main reason for the breakdown in relations with his wife was his decision to go to war for Ukraine.

"The war accelerated the process of separation. It showed me white and black. Here you are either alive or dead. You can still be wounded. That's it. There is no way to make some kind of policy here. There is no negotiating. Everything is very simple and very scary sometimes. The children don't know that we're divorced yet. We just decided to do it two weeks ago. We haven't told them yet, the main thing is that they don't hear the tragic news. Otherwise, everything is fine," the Ukrainian Witness YouTube channel quoted the former activist as saying.

Stakhovsky does not hide the fact that he is a rather lonely person in life.

"I am comfortable alone. I communicated most with my family during the first months because I was in Kyiv, they were in Bilohorodka (Bucha district, Kyiv region). I talked to my children and my wife. At that time, I was still trying to somehow settle it all down and explain that there was a complete f*ck-up going on here. And if they live in a normal environment there, it doesn't mean that it's like that everywhere. Everything is different in Ukraine. Here, people lose children, parents, families," said the 38-year-old Kyiv resident.


The only thing Sergiy regrets is his children.

"All my life I was sure that I would never do such a thing. And here, of course, I am very ashamed of myself, because this is a very big blow to my children. I communicate with them once every two or three days. How do they feel about it? I do not tell them that I am at the front. They know that there is a war going on and that their father is somewhere in Kyiv, but they are used to me going to competitions, I was competing, and I didn't have much time at home anyway. That's how they got used to it," Stakhovsky concluded.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier Stakhovsky said that the worst thing in the war is people's despair. Sergiy volunteered to fight in the most dangerous part of the frontline in Bakhmut.


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