St. Sabinus of Hermopolis day: history and prohibitions of the holiday on March 29

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The saint is prayed to for help in work, and the weather is predicted by the behavior of birds

Every year on March 29, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the martyr Sabinus of Hermopolis. Also, on this day, Oleksandr, Trokhym, Ivan, Roman, Denys, Omelian, Yulian, Pavlo, Serapion and Savin celebrate their namesakes.

OBOZREVATEL tells about the history of the church date. And also about the traditions, prohibitions and omens of March 29.

History of Sabinus' Day

Sabinus of Hermopolis, in whose honor the memorable date is set, lived in Egypt in the third century. He was a Christian and ruled the city of Hermopolis. When the persecution of Christians began, he was forced to flee the city. He found refuge in a remote village. He tried to help the locals, in particular, he regularly gave alms to beggars. But one of them betrayed Sabinus. He betrayed the Christian for two gold coins. He and his associates were captured by soldiers and subjected to severe torture. But the prisoners did not give up their faith. Then they were executed - they were drowned in the Nile River.

Folk traditions of Sabinus' Day

On Sabinus' Day, believers pray to the saint to ask him for help in simple household and mundane matters. The martyr can also help with career issues if you ask him to do so.

In ancient times, peasants used to travel around the village on a cart on this day to bring good luck. At the same time, they listened to which wheels were squeaking. If the right front wheel was squeaking, it meant prosperity for the family, and if the left wheel was squeaking, it meant illness. The right rear wheel promised success with its squeak, and the left wheel promised debts.

Prohibitions on March 29

  • On this day, it is not recommended to have conflicts to resolve your issues.
  • It is also not advisable to eat bread after sunset. This can lead to poverty.
  • In addition, it is not recommended to lend money on Sabinus' day.

Omens on March 29

Our ancestors noticed that if the weather is bad on this day

  • if the clouds are flying fast in the sky, it means good weather;
  • birds started to bathe in puddles - to soon be warm;
  • there is little water in the rivers - we should prepare for a poor harvest.

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