Spoil the image and add years: what colours in clothes should be avoided after 40

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4 colours to avoid in a look after 40

When it comes to the idea that years take away beauty and "freshness", everything in the image is analysed - from the style to the cut of individual wardrobe items. And for good reason, because even such a small thing as a bad colour can spoil your appearance and visually add years.

The experts of Dea Vita gloss told us which shades are best avoided after 40 years. Only 4 rules will help you avoid trouble (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).


Although there is a theory that bright colours are associated with youth, this is not always the case. In particular, deep orange accentuates wrinkles and visually makes the face look dull.



Seemingly perfect for all occasions, total black loses its relevance when it comes to looking fresh over 40. A monochrome black outfit will emphasise skin imperfections and add fatigue, but a few accessories, a blouse, shoes or a jacket will fix this situation.



Grey should not be the main shade of the look if you want to create a rested and cheerful look. It is better to add it in a dosed manner - in accessories, as neutral grey can make the skin look pale.



A set of pastel colours in an outfit without adding contrasting elements may seem basic and simple, but after 40, it is better to rely on bright details. This way, your clothes won't look boring.


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