Silent about the war and walking around Moscow premiers: what is known about Sumska's daughter, who lives in Russia. Photo

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What is known about Olga Sumskaya's daughter Antonina Papernaya, who lives in Russia

Antonina Papernaya, the eldest daughter of the famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, who followed in her mother and father's footsteps, has been ignoring the full-scale war in her native Ukraine for more than a year and has been living in the terrorist country of Russia. Her heiress is defended by her celebrity mother, who says that she is simply scared to show her anti-war and anti-Putin stance while in the Russian Federation. However, we can conclude that the 32-year-old actress' fear is not so great, because she regularly attends social events in Moscow, boasting in social networks with pictures with her star husband-Russian Vladimir Yaglych.

The other day, for example, Papernaya in the company of her husband-actor and five-year-old daughter Eva visited the premiere of a cartoon in the Russian capital, where she walked the red carpet, willingly posing for paparazzi. The corresponding photo on his Instagram posted Vladimir Yaglych.


At this time, Olga Sumska is traveling with performances to cities in Ukraine, which are shelled by Russia almost daily, destroying homes and taking dozens of human lives. Nevertheless, the actress admits that separation from her daughter and grandchildren is hard. Can not talk about it without tears, so in many interviews, tries to change the subject immediately.

As for Papernaya, she really does not appear in the media field very often. However, the actress regularly reminds about herself on Instagram, publishing photos from photo shoots, beauty salons and joint holidays with her husband.



Antonina is Sumska's daughter from her first marriage to the Ukrainian actor, People's Artist of Ukraine Evgeny Paperny. The girl was born on June 1, 1990 in Kyiv, and her parents divorced almost immediately after her birth.



In spite of the fact that Tonya came from an acting dynasty, she did not plan to become an actress. Even at a young age, she got into the modeling business due to her spectacular appearance, but she was not attracted to the profession of modeling either. After school she graduated from Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, where she became an art critic. And then the genes took their toll - and she still decided to try herself in the cinema and on the stage.



This is where the "wrong turn" happened. Papernaya, hoping to become a popular actress, went to conquer Moscow. She got into the Shchukin Theatre Institute only at the second attempt.


As you can see, the daughter of the legend of Ukrainian cinema did not manage to achieve much success in Russia. Mainly she got episodic roles. The first more notable work was the role in the melodrama "Late Flowers", where Papernaya played a treacherous divorcee.

Why Antonina chose to stay in Russia and keep quiet about the genocide of her own people is a mystery. Internet users and some colleagues suggest that it has to do with her Russian husband, who does not want to leave the country.


Recall, earlier Sumska suggested that her son-in-law Russian Vladimir Yaglych could be mobilized for the war against Ukraine. With her daughter, the "Roxolana" star tries not to talk about this "scary" topic.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Olga Sumska cannot talk about her daughter and two grandchildren who live in Moscow without tears. According to her, the star grandmother can call her relatives, but she has to communicate with them very discreetly.

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