Should you have sex before bed: what research says

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The relationship between sleep and sex is still poorly understood. Research is scarce, and there are even fewer statistics on people who do not identify as heterosexual. However, research conducted in recent years is finally starting to shed light on how sex and sleep - two activities traditionally associated with your bed - are connected.

Insomnia? Have sex

In particular, scientists have shown that sex or caressing (or other forms of physical intimacy) before bedtime increases drowsiness, makes it easier for you to fall asleep quickly, and gives you deeper and better quality sleep. The same studies show that having sexual intercourse before bedtime helps people with sleep disorders (insomnia) to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and reduce the number of awakenings at night. By the way, this may be an additional strategy for treating insomnia in the future.

The bedroom is a place for two people only

According to the recommendations of scientists (namely, the US National Sleep Foundation), your bedroom should be used only for sleep and sex, but few people today adhere to this. These days, the majority of the population has a significant deficit of both sleep and sex. It is not fashionable to be in a long-term relationship today, compared to the 90s. It has also been noticed that married people are making love less often. The reason for this is the frantic pace of life, stress, global pandemics, the global Internet, and trends. In other words, people now prefer online relationships and are not focused on starting a family. But the bedroom is a place for two, and you shouldn't take your mobile phones there when you can spend time with each other and, whatever you think, your own health.

Sex improves sleep

The relationship between sex and sleep is bi-directional, as both are controlled by our hormones. It has been proven that sexual intercourse before bedtime reduces stress, and hormones that make you sleepy are also released during sex. First of all, it is oxytocin. The release of oxytocin causes a feeling of pleasure and is a well-known hormone of love and affection. When combined with a warm hug and affectionate touch, this symbiosis reduces anxiety, which is a predictor of stress and tension in the body. As a result, a person relaxes and falls into a long sleep.

Orgasm is the key to success and happiness

Orgasms are not just pleasurable. It turns out that it has healing powers, and satisfying sex contributes to your overall health and, as a result, well-being. Studies show that the orgasm you have with your partner or through masturbation helps you sleep better, so your body recovers better at night, you are full of energy and strength, and you are ready for new achievements.

In 2017, a study was conducted in Australia on how sex and orgasm affect the quality of sleep and proved that women have an increase in estrogen levels after sex that ends in orgasm. This hormone has a positive effect on the quality of so-called REM sleep, which is responsible for emotional relief and stress resistance. At this stage of sleep, events are actively cleared of negative emotions and mental processes are stabilised. That is, a woman who has normal, high-quality sex will feel less irritated and generally happier.

For men, it works a little differently - after orgasm, they experience a surge of prolactin, which provokes a feeling of fatigue and quick sleep. So if he turns his back on you and snores, it doesn't mean he's indifferent to you - it's just nature and hormones, nothing personal!

Sex as an anti-stress

Studies have shown that in response to sexual arousal, a person's levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease, which has an anti-stress effect and leads to longer sleep. In general, people with low stress levels sleep almost an hour longer per night than people with high stress levels.

And the best news. Sex with a partner turned out to be the best and highest quality. Such sex can enhance the aforementioned hormonal effects, increasing feelings of closeness, affection, and intimacy that can improve sleep quality. After all, in addition to the physical side of intimacy, there is also an emotional euphoria after intimacy, when people communicate more and openly talk about their feelings, and communication after sex has a good effect on the quality of relationships. In turn, warm relationships have a calming effect and improve sleep by relieving tension.

So, make love, and have a good night's sleep!

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