Should you dilute shampoo with water before using or not: dermatologist's advice

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Shampoo can be diluted with water. Source: collage

Many Ukrainian women are looking for ways to use shampoo longer without compromising its effectiveness. It turns out that beauty and hair care products can be used with double benefits.

Shampoo can be diluted with water for longer use, while still effectively cleansing the scalp. This was told by certified dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, writes LovelySkin.

According to him, you can add water to shampoo. But it is very important to do it correctly, otherwise you can get a contaminated product. On the other hand, the actual amount of shampoo can change significantly with the addition of water. Therefore, he does not advise adding water in advance, but just before shampooing.

When  to add water to shampoo

You should start with a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and add water while shampooing (or, in the case of cleansers, while cleansing). In this way, the product is stored in the tube and only water is added to the shampoo before using it on your hand. Any preservatives are kept at the proper concentration for the appropriate amount.

Many shampoos contain sulfates, which are the main cleansing ingredients that create lather. If your shampoo produces a lot of lather, you can add a little water to make it last longer. Most experts suggest a shampoo/water ratio of three to one. Using this ratio will allow the shampoo to properly cleanse the scalp and hair of oil and dirt.

Because sulfates can be drying, people with dry hair often switch to sulfate-free shampoos or skip shampooing every day. Because they don't contain sulfates, these products don't create a lot of lather. If you are using a low-foam shampoo, do not add water to the formula. This will dilute the product too much and won't remove oils.

You should also avoid moisturizing shampoos designed to exfoliate and treat itchy scalp. Adding water can dilute the active ingredients, making them less effective.

Another way to prolong the effect of shampoo is to not wash your hair every day. On days when you skip shampooing, use a water-based dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. This formula adds volume and texture, so your hair will look refreshed.

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