She wanted to break through the wall of misunderstanding, but broke through the bottom: a new parody of Ani Lorak's interview with the Kvartal star has appeared

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Yuri Velykyi pleased fans with a new parody

The star of the Kvartal 95 studio Yuri Velykyi has recorded a new humorous parody, the main character of which is the traitor to Ukraine, Ani Lorak. The artist also parodied Russian propagandist Boris Korchevnikov, to whom the singer allegedly came for an interview.

The comedian ridiculed the fact that in the original interview, Lorak called the war "this situation", trolling her for her fake tears and fake love for her homeland. The video appeared on his YouTube channel (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"I cried when you called yourself a 'tree of love'. Tell me, what secret meaning was hidden in this allegory? That you are like a log in love? Or that you have put down your roots in Russia?" - Korchevnikov asked.

In response, the heroine of the parody called herself "a girl who is only 44 years old", so she advised not to take her words seriously. In addition to the ridiculous phrase about the "little girl", Yuri Velykyi also recalled how she called the war "this situation".


"Yes, I do not hide the fact that there is an unpleasant full-scale situation there now. One of my great-great-great-grandfathers took part in the famous Borodino situation, about which the writer Leo Tolstoy wrote his famous book 'Situation and Peace'," said Lorak.

She also admitted that she had left her brains at a concert in Kyiv, but now she could not return to Ukraine to get them.

"It was so painful for me to realise that all my loved ones in Ukraine are under bombs, without light, water, heat, and they don't care how hard it is for me here... There is a big wall of misunderstanding between me and Ukrainians. I have tried to break through it, but so far I have only managed to break through the bottom. Boris, I never thought that in the 21st century, in the civilised world, I could run out of money so quickly," Velykyi trolled the traitor Lorak.


In the end, the artist joked that the singer started doing yoga to be able to sit on three chairs at the same time, because "in her situation, there is no other way".

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