Seven mistakes that harm the lawn: how to care for it correctly

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How to properly care for the lawn

Private homeowners often sow a lawn in their yard to enhance the appearance of their property. However, the summer heat and improper care can compromise the neat appearance of the grass.

Not only is watering, mowing, and weeding essential for lawn care, but it's also crucial to know how to do it correctly. OBOZREVATEL has compiled tips to help you achieve this.

Homeowners often make mistakes in lawn care, leading to the wilting of the grass.

Poor quality soil

Improperly selected lawn areas can result in moss and weeds thriving instead of proper lawn growth. Fertilize the soil every spring using compost or manure.


Excessive watering can create a favorable environment for moss. Water the grass according to weather conditions.

Lack of oxygen in the soil

Soil compaction can hinder proper water and nutrient absorption due to the lack of air between soil particles. To prevent this, regularly 'aerate' the soil. Using a sharp object, such as a pitchfork, you can create small holes in the ground to allow oxygen to penetrate.

Improper lawn mowing

Cutting the grass too short weakens it and creates space for weeds and moss to grow. Remove no more than one-third of the grass at a time.

Irregular grass cutting

Homeowners who mow their lawn every two to three weeks are likely to cut a lot of grass, leading to slower growth and weed issues. It is recommended to mow the lawn once a week.

Improper care

Neglecting fertilization and weed removal from the lawn can result in pests, diseases, and grass wilting. Remember to weed your lawn promptly to promote healthy growth.

Use of chemicals

Excessive use of chemicals can harm the grass and create a favorable environment for weeds. Use such products only when necessary, and carefully read the instructions on the label.

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