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Dramatic plot in Turkish TV series
Dramatic scenes in Turkish series

In Turkish series, viewers want to see an incredible love story, where it becomes stronger throughout the plot. Often the main characters have negative emotions towards each other at first, and then their hatred develops into love.

It is because of the excessive emotionality and tense script that Turdisi became popular in the world. OBOZREVATEL tells about the most passionate Turkish series that are worth watching.

  • "Bay Yanlış" - 2020

The main character Ozgur is a young handsome man who owns a restaurant in Istanbul. He stopped trusting the women who betrayed him. Ezgi's girlfriend tries to help everyone by sacrificing herself. The heroine believes in love and wants to create a family nest. However, she has little success.

According to the traditions a girl should get married till she's 30, that's why Ezgi despairs, because she can't find a man. Ozgur undertakes to help her and explains the subtleties of communication with the opposite sex. The handsome man himself falls in love with her unintentionally.

  • "Hercai" - 2019

The series "Hercai" is based on the best-selling novel by Turkish writer Sumeye Koç. The author is only 23 years old, but she has won the love of readers around the world.

The heroine Reya has lived her whole life serenely in luxury. She meets her lover Miran and the guy finds himself ensnared in love. The lovers are simply bathed in a rainbow of idyll, but not everyone is happy about their newfound union. Reya has a rival who wants to take Miran away. The heroes have to endure many trials on their way to true happiness.

  • "SIYAH BEYAZ AŞK" - 2017

The plot in the drama develops around two characters who have fallen in love with each other. The husband Ferhat has lost the meaning of his life, he is cruel and can easily kill a man without blinking an eye. The hero is desperate and has no hope of finding true love.

The girl Asli saves lives every day because she is a qualified doctor. She too lacks female happiness. Fate brought together two opposites: black and white. Asli became Ferhat's wife against her will. The film shows the value of family, which the characters nevertheless managed to understand while experiencing terrible peripeteia: illness, the threat of murder and the lives of children.

  • "Aşk Laftan Anlamaz" - 2016

"Aşk Laftan Anlamaz" is in the top of the best Turkish series about love. Female viewers loved the tape because of the fact that it starred very beautiful actors. In the main roles - Hande Erchel and Burak Deniz.

The heroine gets a job and is rude to a guy on the way to the office, and he turns out to be her boss. Feelings from hatred to love flare up between them. Challenges and intrigue await the couple, which the filmmakers skillfully showed, so the viewer experiences each event with them.

  • "Kiralık Aşk" - 2015

The main character Omer is a single, attractive and successful businessman. His relatives' main goal is to marry the young man. They even picked up the "ideal girl" who is smart, beautiful and educated in the United States.

Omer does not want to get married, so he decided to kiss the waitress Defne in front of his aunt. However, it didn't end with just a kiss. Defne changed jobs and her new boss was the same handsome man who unexpectedly kissed her in the café.

  • "ÇILEK KOKUSU" - 2015

The main characters of the series in life are also a couple in love, which makes the tape seems even more fascinating. The tape is only 23 episodes, so it will not tire those who want to watch a Turkish series for the first time. The plot is light, casual and kind.

The first series begins with the fact that fate brings together two people: a rich and spoiled Burak and a modest village girl Asli. They began their relationship with war and ended in sweet peace.

  • "Kiraz Mevsimi" - 2014

The series is suitable for those who are looking for a light and relaxed movie to watch after a hard day's work. Oika is a student girl from a poor neighborhood who has been in love with a guy named Mate since an early age. But he never reciprocated as he is already in love with her best friend.

The main character is a young successful architect, Ayaz, who is a bachelor, but has managed to break many women's hearts. Ayaz could not resist Oika's pretentiousness, eccentricity and naivety. They do not notice how love has captured their hearts.

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