Scientists predict when the world will end again

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Hundreds of species of animals and fish may disappear due to global warming

The Earth is now in the sixth stage of mass extinction of species due to global warming. But it will not be as large as in previous times and will be much slower.

This was reported by Japanese scientist Kunio Kaiho in his study "The relationship between extinction rates and climate change during major marine and terrestrial animal crises". He believes that the planet will suffer the most from climate change around 2500, when the average temperature is likely to increase by 9 degrees.

The previous 5 stages of mass extinction caused major crises and wiped out up to 75% of all biological species on the planet. The most famous such case is the death of the dinosaurs. Periodically, each time it was associated with a sharp cooling or warming.

Today, leading climatologists are trying to do everything possible to reduce the Earth's temperature by 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels. To this end, many measures are being taken to support the environment.

However, recent studies show that by 2030 the temperature will increase by 3 degrees. An increase of 5.2 degrees will be enough to trigger mass extinction.

However, scientists have reassured that critical warming of 9 degrees will not occur until at least 2500.

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