Scientists have developed a miracle material that defies logic and has no explanation

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The material combines the properties of metal and plastic

The development of new materials is one of the key tasks of science today. Modern developments require new properties, as well as durability and environmental friendliness. At the University of Chicago, scientists have created a material whose properties surprised even them.

According to The Independent, this material can be manufactured like plastic, but it generates electricity like metal. This ability contradicts conventional logic and, according to the developers, could lead to new breakthroughs.

According to John Anderson, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Chicago and senior author of the study, their invention opens up the possibility of developing a completely new class of materials that conduct electricity, are easy to shape and very durable in everyday conditions.

Currently, materials that are conductors all have one thing in common - they are made up of atoms or molecules that are lined up in straight, tight lines, which scientists believe is necessary for them to conduct electricity efficiently. Whatever shapes and forms conductors take, they all obey this rule.

A recent study claims that the material developed by the Americans violates it - it has particles in a chaotic order. "From a fundamental point of view, it should not be metal. There is no solid theory to explain it," says Professor Anderson.

The developers claim that they subjected their creation to various impacts - bending it, squeezing it, giving it different shapes. At the same time, it continued to behave like plasticine with the ability to conduct electricity.

The discovery could lead to a breakthrough in electronics design. For example, in modern chips, the design has serious limitations due to the need to melt the metal under high temperature to the desired shape. This means that all other components must be designed to meet this need. The new material, on the other hand, can be produced at room temperature, which makes it easier to assemble other parts with it.

Similarly, the ability of materials to withstand heat, humidity or extreme acidity or alkalinity means that they can be used to create devices that can operate in conditions that are impossible for traditional materials. As an example, on planets with extreme conditions that are radically different from those on Earth. However, there is no such information about the new development so far. Scientists from Chicago reported their discovery in the article "Internal glassy-metallic transport in an amorphous coordination polymer" published in the journal Nature.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, scientists have learnt to convert almost any plastic into propane using a metal-based catalyst called cobalt.

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