Scientists discover a new threat inside Doomsday Glacier: what is the danger to humanity

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Melting glaciers will lead to rising sea levels in the ocean

Near Antarctica, there is the Doomsday Glacier or Thwaites Glacier. The apocalyptic name was given for a reason - scientists say that its melting could lead to catastrophic consequences for humanity.

Recently, researchers from Stanford University announced a new threat on a global scale. They discovered that a kind of erosion has begun to occur inside the glacier. This can dramatically accelerate sea level rise. The details were reported by New atlas.

Doomsday Glacier

The Doomsday Glacier is like a "brake pad" for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Its destruction can lead to terrible floods. Many coastal cities and regions will be submerged, and sea levels will rise sharply.

The Doomsday Glacier is of global importance to the planet. However, scientists warn that climate change is leading to a rapid loss of ice. There is a possibility that it could melt within a few decades.

In 2021, scientists said that in the coming years, there is a high probability of losing parts of the glacier. Huge blocks could break off. If the glacier completely collapses or breaks apart, the water in the World Ocean will rise by 3 metres.

Predictions of disaster

According to scientists, the 130 km wide ice flow inside the glacier could expand significantly in the next 20 years.

Jenny Sackail, an associate professor of geophysics at Stanford's Doerr School of Sustainable Development, said it is similar to the effect of river erosion, which expands on the banks.

Computer models of the glacier's movement focused on its speed and thickness. An expansion of just 2% from the current level would lead to a dramatic loss of ice. Billions of tonnes could break away in the Amundsen Sea, opening the way for further ice to melt.

Scientists do not rule out the possibility that the ice flow may eventually narrow or remain constant, leading to greater stability.

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