Scientists discover a new planet with a secret inside its core: what is known

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The object discovered by the Gaia spacecraft has the properties of a brown dwarf.

Nuclear fusion, in which heavier chemical elements are formed from light nuclei, is a feature of cosmic bodies such as stars. But it seems that scientists have found evidence that this process can also occur in giant planets.

According to The Sun, an exoplanet with such properties was discovered by the European Gaia spacecraft, whose task is to compile an accurate map of the stars of the Milky Way galaxy. The object orbits the star HD 206893 and, accordingly, has a name that marks its belonging to this star system - HD 206893 c. It was the first exoplanet discovered by the Gaia telescope. Due to its orbit around the star, it can be classified as a planet.

While observing it, scientists discovered that it periodically changes its brightness. This led them to assume that nuclear fusion is taking place in its core. This is quite possible, given its size - it is about a third larger than our Sun and about 13 times larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

Thus, the scientists suggest that HD 206893 c may be something on the borderline between a planet and a brown dwarf - a sub-stellar object with some of the properties of a star, including the ability to fuse, but not enough power to sustain a steady luminosity. The researchers expect that deeper studies will give them a new understanding of the differences between planets and brown dwarfs.

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