Sausages in dough without dough: how to cook the dish in a new way

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Sausages in dough
Sausages in dough

Sausages in dough - one of the easiest and tastiest homemade snacks. The dish is made in the classic version of yeast dough, but you can use pita bread instead of dough. The taste of the dish depends on the quality of the sausages.

Sausages in dough

Cook Irina shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious sausages in dough, but without dough, that are made with bread.

A recipe for sausages in dough


  • sausages
  • toast bread
  • cheese
  • egg
  • cooking oil

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the edges off the toasted bread.


Toast Bread


2. Roll out each piece of bread thinly with a rolling pin. It is important that the bread is fresh, otherwise it will be too crumbly and you will not be able to roll it.

Cooking Sausages


3. On top lay a slab of cheese and sausage, wrap tightly with a roll, edge of the bread with water and pinch well with your finger.

Egg mix

4. Chop the cut edges in a blender into crumbs.

5. Beat the eggs with salt, dip the sausage blank in the dough first in the egg, and then roll in the crumbs.


Breading for sausages


6. Roast over medium heat until golden brown.

Finished dish

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