Russians dreamed of hosting "European directors" in occupied Sevastopol, but embarrassed themselves once again

Kateryna MalayLife
Russians have embarrassed themselves once again

The temporarily occupied Sevastopol is preparing to hold the International Forum of Young Filmmakers "Global Values" for the third time, which will allegedly be attended by "European filmmakers". In order to emphasize that the countries of the collective West do not support Ukraine and travel to occupied Crimea, the Russian media proudly announced that they were expecting Europeans to visit.

However, the propagandists had to admit that filmmakers from only a few European countries will attend the forum, and the rest of the guests will come from Asia. Apparently, conscious Europeans rejected the proposal of the terrorist country (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

In particular, Greeks, Slovaks and Croats allegedly responded to the Russians' invitation. Of course, no one has mentioned directors' names.

Other guests include citizens of Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal, Uzbekistan, etc. It should be recalled that guests from Asian countries were ignored by the pseudo-media, announcing the arrival of "European directors".


It is worth noting that filmmakers were called to Sevastopol not to discuss movies, but to become part of Russia's propaganda, as evidenced by the announcement of the International Forum. The guests were explicitly told that only those who "love" the Russian Federation could attend the event.


"Gathering of young filmmakers and natives of different countries is the best proof that we are all very different, but united by out love for Russia, understanding of national identity, professional duty, patriotism and traditional family values", the announcement says.

It isnot noted why citizens of Croatia, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, etc. should understand the national identity of Russia and be patriots of the terrorist state.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Russian filmmakers embarrassed themselves because of the photoshopped photo from Ukraine's teen drama. To know how the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation turned the story of first love into propaganda to die in Ukraine, visit the link.

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