Russian Volunteer Corps exposes Russian fake about "saboteurs" killed in the Belgorod region

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RVC claims no losses during operation in the Belgorod region

On the second day of the operation of the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion in the Belgorod region, the Russian Ministry of Defence was quick to report on the alleged elimination of "saboteurs". The RVC denied this information.

They noted that there were no casualties among the corps' soldiers. This is stated in a message on the unit's official Telegram channel.

"We do not know which convoys of vehicles Mr Konashenkov destroyed in his reports, but the Russian Volunteer Corps has no losses," the RVC said.

They also commented on the photos of the killed "saboteurs" posted by the occupiers online. These photos show people dressed in pixelated uniforms, while RVC fighters wear different camouflage - cartoon characters.


The Freedom of Russia Legion also responded to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defence. They noted that the liberation of the Belgorod region was ongoing, and later reported that the Russian legion had "demilitarised" a motorised rifle company of the Russian Armed Forces by destroying several pieces of their armoured vehicles.

It should be noted that on May 23, Russia stated that a "Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group" in the Belgorod region had allegedly been "blocked and defeated". They reported the elimination of more than 70 people and published footage allegedly from the scene.

Controversy erupted online over the video, with many commentators labelling the "defeat of the 'Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group'" as staged.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- On May 23, Russia announced a new attack by a "Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group" on the Belgorod region. According to Ukrainian intelligence sources, Russia wanted to deploy additional troops there.

- In the Belgorod region of Russia, it was decided to cancel the counter-terrorism operation. However, they did not agree on what to tell the Russians about the "Ukrainian Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group".

- The arrival of the "Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group" in the Belgorod region came as a complete surprise not only to the Kremlin, but also, as it turned out, to the Russian special services and the Ministry of Defence. Read about the consequences of the attack by one group of "saboteurs" in our article.

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