Russia wants to use the "bavina" near the Kremlin to cancel May 9 parades: ISW pointed out the main goal of the aggressor

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In Russia, law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case over a "drone attack on the Kremlin" on May 3, trying to blame everything on Kyiv. Although it is obvious that Russia simply wants to use the "bavan" over the residence of dictator Vladimir Putin to cancel May 9 parades.

The aggressor country somehow needs to cover up the loss of military equipment and manpower in the war against Ukraine, so it intimidates citizens with such staging a "Ukrainian strike" in the center of Moscow. Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) pointed to Russia's main goals in canceling "victorious" events in a May 4 summary.

It is noted that the Investigative Committee of Russia announced the opening of a criminal case "on the fact of a terrorist attack in connection with the attempted strike on the Kremlin" and further strengthened the version that Kyiv was allegedly to blame for the attack.

Russian President Putin then decided to hold a meeting of the Security Council on May 5 to discuss the incident. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev responded to the "strike" with a fierce call for the "physical elimination" of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. For his part, the Russian dictator's press secretary Dmitry Peskov groundlessly stated that this was an act of terrorism "behind which the United States is behind.

Against this background, a number of Russian regions, in particular around Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Pskov, introduced a ban on the launch and flight of drones. Meanwhile, Russians are "perplexed" as to how the authorities ignored their warnings about UAVs.

As you know, long before the contact with the Senate Palace building in the Kremlin, residents of the Moscow region wrote on social networks on May 3 about drones flying at low altitudes. Afterward, citizens of the terrorist country reproached the "zrada" with Russian air defenses, but their statements were called irrational and hysterical. Thus, in discussions, propagandists argued that if this is true, then the incident demonstrates the "impenetrability of the Russian bureaucracy." One blogger even praised Moscow's reaction as "thoughtful and logical.


But ISW analysts stress that Russian officials are probably just using this staged "drone strike" on the Kremlin to extend the cancellation of May 9 Victory Day parades. According to RosSMI, authorities have already canceled such events in 21 Russian cities and even in temporarily occupied Ukrainian Crimea, without any official justification or reference to security concerns. Russian officials in several cities have said that they are canceling parades out of fear for the participants of Putin's SWO.

ISW previously estimated that the Kremlin would use the May 3 incident to cancel the May 9 events and intensify its information efforts to present the war in Ukraine as an existential threat to Russia.

Now, Moscow also hopes to limit the typical May 9 events to cover up the degradation of the Russian military, because such events usually showcase advanced Russian military equipment, much of which is either crucial to Russian operations in Ukraine or has been destroyed in 14 months of attrition fighting.

"The Kremlin also hopes to suppress the May 9 events because of fears that celebrations honoring fallen servicemen could be a potential source of negative reaction inside the country because of the large number of Russian casualties in Ukraine. Russian officials have canceled events commemorating the 'Immortal Regiment' in recent weeks, probably for the same reasons," ISW concluded.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, despite the Russian accusations of Ukraine over the Kremlin, the main beneficiary of this "attack" is Moscow. Read about how "the dome in the Kremlin was torn down in all senses" and who carried out the drone attack in the article.

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