Russia may leave ZNPP out of operation: Halushchenko shared prospects

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What will happen to ZNPP
What will happen to ZNPP

The work of Zaporizhzhya NPP will be sabotaged by Russian occupation troops. And after the liberation of Energodar, it is likely that the Russian Federation will bring the station to an "inoperable state".

This was stated by Energy Minister German Galushchenko in an interview with TIME. "I don't believe they will leave the plant in an operational state," he said. "They can do a lot of damage, so much damage that it will be very difficult for us to operate the plant," the minister added.

Since early June, all six of the plant's nuclear reactors have been put into cold shutdown mode, suspending power generation and reducing the risk of an accident that could release large amounts of radiation. Engineers at the plant took this precaution shortly after Russia's destruction of the dam caused catastrophic flooding and jeopardized the water supply needed to cool the reactors.

Galushchenko said the destruction of that dam in the occupied town of Novaya Kakhovka had dampened Ukrainian authorities' hopes that Russia might leave the nuclear power plant unharmed. "I can tell you that when they leave, when they flee from there, they extract almost everything in the energy infrastructure", - said the Minister of energy.

We will remind, the mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov said that the Russian occupants have turned the captured Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant into a "nuclear fortress". They are hiding equipment, ammunition and personnel in the perimeter of the plant .

Recently, the Ministry of Energy said about the risk of a disaster at Zaporizhzhya NPP. According to the Ministry, the invaders have installed explosive mines near it. The Ukrainian side does not yet have any control over the plant, at the same time the nuclear reactor can explode at any moment.

Meanwhile, the US urged Russia to stop immediately, noting that "the ZNPP mines pose a danger to the entire region."

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