Russia failed to beat Iran. Russian fans call their players' performance "bottom" and "vomit"

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Fans are shocked by the level of their players

The Russian national football team failed to beat the Iranian team. The friendly match in Tehran ended with a 1-1 scoreline.

The Russian team was completely helpless in attack and failed to create anything throughout, except for a single moment in the 28th minute. Zinkovsky was brought down in the Iranian penalty area by Saeed Ezzatollahi, and the match's chief referee gave a penalty. Miranchuk converted the 11-metre spot-kick.

After scoring the goal, the Russians pressed back to their goal. The Iranians had several 100 per cent chances at the end of the first half, but failed to manage the ball well.


Immediately after the start of the 2nd half, Karpin's men won a penalty. Litvinov played tough against Mohebi and Taremi equalised from the spot.

Iran dominated the field for the rest of the game, missing an excellent scoring opportunity at the end.

In the comments, this level of play of the Russian national team caused a real panic among its fans. Fans assessed the performance of their players with the words "bottom" and "vomit.


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