Rules of modern etiquette that everyone knows but ignores: top 18

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The ability to behave at the table is important even within the framework of modern liberal etiquette

You've probably caught yourself thinking that etiquette is a set of strange rules for boring people. But in reality, it's not. Modern etiquette is formed to make all people who interact in any situation feel comfortable.

And the list of 18 points compiled by OBOZREVATEL is a clear proof of this. Try using these rules, and you will see how much more comfortable you and those around you will be, even in ordinary everyday situations.

Don't show up unannounced

Having unwanted guests is always a huge hassle. That's why polite people give you a heads up about their visit. Even if they only need to come in for a minute to get a small item. Not to mention a full-fledged party. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to let people know you're coming - you can call or write. Choose a method that is acceptable to the person you plan to visit.

Do not enter without knocking

From the moment a person moves into a separate room from his or her parents for the first time as a child, knocking before entering becomes a mandatory rule. You can go inside only after the person answers your knock.

Put down the phone

Gadgets have made our communication much more chaotic. To bring more contact back into a live conversation, modern etiquette recommends putting your phone aside so that you don't have to look at it every minute. Personal communication is a real luxury nowadays. So enjoy it to the fullest.

Know how to pay in a restaurant

When it comes to a business lunch or dinner, the payment is the responsibility of the person who is organizing the meeting. In all other cases, including dates, it is a matter of agreement between the participants.

Do not be late

The modern rhythm of life is very, very fast. Therefore, one 5-minute shift during the day can ruin a lot of plans for a lot of people. So, respect other people's time and make every effort not to be late. If you still can't make it on time, be sure to give a warning that you will arrive later than the agreed time.

Hang up the phone at the cash register

How many times have you seen a person at a supermarket, movie theater, pharmacy, etc. checkout while simultaneously talking on the phone and trying to pay? Or maybe you've done it yourself? It's time to say goodbye to this habit. It's a disrespectful way to treat the staff and the person you're talking to. Interrupt the conversation, do what you need to do, and call back. As a rule, nothing significant can happen during this time.

Don't stoop to someone else's level

When someone is rude to you, you may be tempted to respond in kind. This is an old practice. But if before the smartphone era, only the person you were rude to could find out that you could do that, nowadays spectacular quarrels often become interesting online content. So here's another good reason to always keep your cool. You don't need that kind of fame. Not even for a minute.

Sign postcards

A handwritten signature is a rarity in the modern world. We now print much more often. That is why it can be used as a special sign of attention. Therefore, in a situation where a card is appropriate, give a handwritten one. You can also carry a few blank cards with you, which you can fill in when you want to thank someone especially warmly or leave a small favor.

Talk while sitting down

In the frantic pace of modern life, taking a break for someone is a great show of respect. Therefore, if you need to talk to someone, choose a situation where you can talk sitting down. This will allow you to see each other and focus on the conversation properly. This way, you won't be distracted by anything else.

Always ask if people need help

It's time to leave supportive phrases like "hang in there" or "everything will be fine" in the past. They can't give anything to a person who is going through a difficult time. Replace them with phrases of sympathy and offers of help. "I am so sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help you?" - you will agree that this sounds much less like another excuse.

Respond promptly

We live in a world of fast communication, so delaying your response now is a sign of impoliteness. If you're 48 hours late in responding to a business message and 8 hours late in responding to a personal message, you're definitely late. Of course, the only exception may be when you had no access to communication at all. In this case, you should apologize and explain your circumstances. But don't abuse this explanation if it's not true.

Use "magic" words

We have stopped noticing how we have thrown out such simple expressions of politeness as "thank you" or "excuse me" from our vocabulary. However, they have not lost their magical effect on people. Start saying them in every appropriate situation and you will notice how people's attitudes towards you will start to change for the better.

Take care of what you post online

Party photos are great, but when posted online, they can be a gross violation of someone's privacy. Therefore, always ask permission from all participants before posting something like this. Similarly, you don't need to tag everyone in any of your posts or send messages to your entire contact list. Don't draw attention to yourself in this way if you don't really need to.

Don't forget about table manners

Yes, modern etiquette has indeed become much more liberal in many aspects, but table behavior is still a bright marker of a person's manners. Therefore, follow all the basic rules - do not talk with your mouth full, do not put your elbows on the table, use the correct utensils, do not blow your nose in a napkin, and do not pick your teeth. Eating lunch or dinner together is an opportunity to gently draw attention to yourself and show off your best side. Don't waste it.

Avoid leaving voice messages

When you record a voice message, you have less time to think about what you're saying. Besides, listening to it will take longer than reading the same text. Therefore, avoid voice messages, or, if this is the only option available to you at the moment, make them short.

Don't take pictures of everything on your phone

When was the last time you went to a concert? How much could you see through the forest of hands filming the stage with your smartphone? Statistics show that we usually don't watch what we've filmed at all. So enjoy the moment directly, rather than trying to capture it. Also, remember that other people may not be happy to be caught in your lens. So don't take videos thoughtlessly and don't use other people as living scenery.

Ask about dietary restrictions

The modern approach involves respecting not only the personality of the person, but also their lifestyle. Therefore, when planning a party, do not forget to ask all participants about food restrictions. Some people avoid certain foods or drinks for health reasons, others for cultural and religious reasons. It's not too difficult to take these nuances into account. But it is very polite.

Don't forget about eye contact

And again, we return to smartphones. A modern person looks at his screen more often than even into the eyes of his partner. Therefore, always remember that visual contact with the person you are communicating with live is extremely important. And don't hesitate to make it.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about phrases that used to be considered a compliment, but modern etiquette considers them rude.

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