Rains predicted in Ukraine: what areas will be covered by bad weather

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In Ukraine on Monday, May 8, it will rain. Part of the region will be covered by bad weather.

This is reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeocenter. Throughout the country is expected variable cloudiness (to view the map, scroll to the end of the page).

"At night in most western regions, during the day in the Carpathian region and in the southern part at times rain (in the Carpathians with wet snow), in the rest of the territory without precipitation," - forecasters report.

The wind is northeast with gusts of 7-12 m/s. The temperature at night is 1-6 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, frosts of 0-5 degrees Celsius are possible on the soil surface in the northern part of the country.

In the south of Ukraine, thermometers will show 4-9 degrees of heat and 9-14 degrees during the day.

In Transcarpathia and the south up to 17 degrees. In the Carpathian highlands, the temperature at night and daytime will be 0-5 degrees.

In the Kyiv region, the temperature at night is 1-6 degrees warm. Frosts of 0-5° are also expected on the soil surface.

Temperatures during the day will be 9-14°C.

In the capital of Ukraine will be 4-6 ° heat at night and 11-13 degrees during the day.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the first month of summer in Ukraine will be warm enough, although the air temperature is expected to be 2 degrees below the average of the last ten years. So do not expect abnormal heat in June.

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