Pursuit of beauty cost lives: 5 stars who were killed by bad plastic surgery. Photo

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Pete Burns, Raquel Santos

In pursuit of perfection, celebrities go under the surgeon's knife. Young, talented and bright, they never think that one operation or injection can take their lives. The unexpected death of these celebrities shocked not only their relatives but also thousands of their fans.

OBOZREVATEL will recall which of the famous personalities took the risk of experimenting with their appearance, which became their last. Many of them did not even live half a century (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Pamela Nismento - 27 years old

The popular Latin American model Pamela Nismento has used the services of plastic surgeons more than once. She had liposuction twice, but the third time was fatal for the beauty. Pumping out excess fat from problem areas resulted in an unexpected reaction for the star - hypovolaemic shock.


Raquel Santos - 28 years old

Brazilian top model Raquel Santos pumped up her entire body: she had a breast augmentation, a buttock lift and rhinoplasty. But death caught up with the brown-haired woman where it was least expected. Correction of the nasolabial folds sent the girl to her grave. According to experts, the cosmetic composition turned out to be incompatible with the medication the celebrity was taking at the time.


Pete Burns - 57 years old

The British singer and lead singer of the band Dead or Alive, Pete Burns, has undergone about 300 plastic surgeries in his life, which killed him. In his youth, the musician admitted to his unconventional orientation. After that, he decided to bring his image closer to that of a woman. But as a result of his experiments with his appearance, he looked like a monster. The man tried to correct the result of plastic surgery. However, once the operation led to blood clots in his blood vessels.


Michael Jackson - 50 years old

The King of Pop was also a fan of plastic surgery. He changed beyond recognition, weakening his body with numerous surgical interventions. The circumstances of Jackson's death are mysterious: it is claimed that he died as a result of a drug overdose. But perhaps he would have fought for his life if not for his experiments in his youth.


Arti Agarwal - 31 years old

The Indian-born actress gained a lot of weight after her illness. Because of this, she had to say goodbye to her career in Bollywood. She decided that she couldn't let things go, so she took the risk of liposuction. The doctors claimed that the operation was successful, but 2 weeks later, the actress's heart stopped.


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