Psycho-emotional pain. What to do?

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Psycho-emotional pain. What to do?

The war in Ukraine has brought a lot of pain and suffering to people. Some have lost loved ones or their homes, some have had to leave the country, and all those left behind are worried about air raids, the danger of shelling, etc.

Psycho-emotional pain has become our companion. Sometimes it seems that we have no strength left, but we have to carry on somehow, especially since no one knows exactly when the end of the war will come.

Anger, lust for revenge, inability to accept the situation, anger, anxiety, fear and other experiences only pile up, and how are you supposed to live with them? What to do to ensure health?

In order not to lose yourself in this difficult period, you can use these tips.

Allow yourself to feel

Forbidding yourself to cry, to be afraid, to be angry in this situation makes no sense, because these feelings have a real terrible and strong ground. It is not the case that anxiety or anger have no real cause. So do not forbid yourself to feel, but live your emotions. To get rid of them, you can cry, write out all your feelings on paper or picture them in a drawing, and then burn or tear it.  Physical activities, singing, the opportunity to beat a pillow or shout at the top of your throat somewhere out of town are also effective.

Take a break

Your self-destruction won't do anyone any good. If you want to help, donate, volunteer, or support those who are having a hard time, but don't forget about yourself. It's always easier for the guys on the front line to do their job if they know that their loved ones are okay. So sleep more, go for a walk in the fresh air, watch good films, listen to music, don't let the war take away all your time and inner resources.


Being alone with yourself during this time is much more difficult than it always is. If you don't have family, try to communicate more often with friends, acquaintances, neighbors. If you can, talk on the phone, keep in touch through social networks. If a person has enough high-quality communication, he is less fixated on his thoughts.

Concentrate on your life

Many of us have a very bad habit of controlling everything. However, the trouble is that there are things that do not depend on us in any way. We can not influence them in any way. War and its currents also belong to this list. So the best thing you can choose to do is to occupy yourself. Take time out of your work to earn an extra penny, which anyone should do right now. Spend time with your loved ones, pay attention to them, because everyone needs support right now. Make time for hobbies that were once relegated to the back burner. Think about the needs of your body, eat right, find opportunities for walks, get enough sleep, as it's not the best time to be sick.

Shift your attention

As soon as you realize that you started to "wind yourself up" or dive headfirst into the news about the war or the talk about it, switch to another kind of activity. You could do some cleaning, clean the "memory" of your computer, sort out your old stuff, cook something yummy, etc.

Work with your feelings through your body

You can do breathing techniques, yoga, swimming, dancing. Exercise releases joy hormones such as dopamines, endorphins, oxytocin and even serotonin.

Don't forget the humor

Sometimes humor is the only thing that can help withstand the kind of stress that now reigns in every family. Even watching seemingly meaningless humorous videos can reduce tension and allow you to exhale for at least a short time.

Take care of your health

Take care of yourself, pay attention to somatic diseases that require treatment. Also, don't forget about your mental state. If you realize that problems are brewing, there is a request to see a psychologist or psychotherapist. Don't delay with your visit, because all situations are easier to solve at the initial stage. If you feel that you are experiencing severe anxiety, fear, memory impairment, poor sleep, mood swings, changes in appetite that are not peculiar to you, this is already a reason to seek consultation with a psychiatrist.

Help! Love yourself! Do not forget about yourself! Life moves very fast!

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