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Daughters of famous actresses who conquered the world with their looks

Famous Hollywood actresses amaze the public not only with their talent, but also with their impeccable beauty, charisma and style. And if we are talking about star mothers, all these qualities they have passed on to their daughters, who have grown to be real beauties. Some of them have already conquered the film industry and modeling business, and some are just at the beginning of their career, but stepping confidently towards their goals.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about seven girls, whose mothers are world-famous people. The appearance of these young ladies captivated fans around the world.

Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber


She's 21 and already one of the most successful and in-demand models in the world. That's right, just like her mother used to be. Kaia Gerber started building her modeling career when she was just 10 years old. Back then, it was a shoot for the Versace children's collection. Even Crawford herself started much later. Now Kaia is also trying her hand at movies and has already starred in some popular projects: "Babylon", "American Horror Story" and others. Gerber is also dating an actor - 31-year-old Austin Butler, who played the role of Elvis Presley in a biopic about the musician.


Monica Bellucci's Daughter - Deva Cassel



Monica Bellucci is one of the most beautiful actresses of our time and the main sex symbol of the 90s. In her marriage to actor Vincent Cassel she had a daughter, Deva, who is now 18 years old. The girl works as a model. Her first official appearance on the catwalk was at the Dolce&Gabanna show in Milan, when Deva was only 15. Fans believe that the beauty is incredibly similar to her star mother. Bellucci, by the way, in every way supports her daughter in all her endeavors. And although Deva is used to be in the spotlight, she does not like public life much - she prefers to leave personal things private.


Julianne Moore's Daughter - Liv Freundlich



The daughter of famous actress Julianne Moore and screenwriter Bart Freundlich has inherited her luxurious rich red hair color from her star mother. She has a graceful and unusual appearance, but the 21-year-old Liv is in no hurry to build a career in film. Although as a child she starred in some of her father's films - "Trust a Man" and "Nanny Call." The girl enjoys sports, trying her hand at modeling, but rarely appears at social events. And perhaps, in the future, she will still outshine her mother on big screens.


Milla Jovovich's daughter Ever Anderson



The daughter of a Hollywood star from Kiev is now 15 years old. Around this age, her mother began to conquer the world's catwalks and movies. But Ever Anderson is noticeably ahead of Jovovich. Even as a little girl she managed to visit the cover of the glossy and star in the thriller "Resident Evil. The Last Chapter", where her colleague was her mother. The girl does have model looks, but now she is only a teenager, so she does not know exactly whether she will connect her life with the movies in the future.


Vanessa Paradis' daughter Lily-Rose Depp



The daughter of the French film actress and the iconic Johnny Depp couldn't help but follow in the footsteps of her world-famous parents. Now she is 23 years old, and her filmography includes dozens of projects. In addition, Lily-Rose Depp reaches unprecedented heights on the catwalk. At the age of 16, she became the face of Chanel. Now she has a lot of contracts and, by all means, a great future.


Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava Phillippe



Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's eldest daughter looks like an exact clone of her star mom. The 23-year-old beauty has similar facial features and blonde beautiful curls. She designs clothes and also sells herself as a photo model. Well, if the filmmakers decide to shoot a new adaptation of "Blonde in Law," they already have the lead singer.


Catherine Zeta-Jones' daughter Caris Zeta-Douglas



The 19-year-old daughter of the Zorro star shuns unnecessary publicity and does not like to cover the details of her personal life in social networks. Nevertheless, when she appears with her mother on the red carpet, it is impossible to take your eyes off the young beauty. A girl from childhood professionally engaged in dancing and dreamed to follow in the footsteps of her Oscar-winning mother. However, now Caris is in no hurry with her acting career. According to her social networks, you can understand that she travels a lot and enjoys sports. And Catherine Zeta-Jones herself, as she once said in an interview, would not want her children to go into show business.


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