Poor vs rich: 5 rules that will attract money into your life

Poor vs rich: 5 rules that will attract money into your life

The meaning of life for the poor and the rich: what is the difference?

When the largest social media failure in history occurred, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lost more than $6 billion in net worth. That is, every hour you couldn't refresh your Facebook feed, Mark lost a billion dollars. Incredibly large sums, right? But do you think he felt this loss? Of course not. According to Bloomberg, Zuckerberg's net worth before the global disruption was $127 billion, and after it was $121 billion. It's already perceived differently, isn't it?

It all depends on what angle you're looking at. It doesn't mean that he didn't care, but he was probably more concerned about the future of his business and about the trust of users rather than about the bills melting before his eyes. You might say, "Of course, he's a rich man, he can afford it, he doesn't live on this money, he doesn't rent an apartment, he doesn't pay for his children's education, he doesn't save for a new pickup truck." But believe me, everything inside the head of a rich person is organized in the same way as in the head of a poor person: the same brain, plus or minus the same hemispheres, and the same number of neural connections. Moreover, both rich and poor people want the same thing: to be happy. But there is a difference between them, and it is in the way of thinking that is formed from childhood.

I was born into a poor family on the outskirts of Kharkiv. But I always thought that my family was doing well with money. Although it was not true at all. I grew up during the Soviet deficit period. My parents could afford to buy sausage once a month after their paycheck. But I never had the feeling that we were poor. And this feeling matters. Of course, I always wanted more. I dreamed of a beautiful life, of traveling, of a luxury car and fashionable clothes from luxury brands. And from a very early age, I realized that I had to earn money to spend it on what I liked. I remember taking empty beer bottles from my dad to take them to glassware shops and get a couple of hryvnias. When I was a schoolgirl, I used to sell dried ram to the kids in the yard, which my dad made after fishing. At college, I started selling Oriflame cosmetics, selling them to my fellow students and my mother's work colleagues. But I really enjoyed doing it. I wasn't ashamed or scared. And fortunately, my parents did not kill this skill with negative attitudes. But now I see how such attitudes prevent others from achieving success. Working hard does not necessarily mean earning a lot. And big earnings do not guarantee happiness.

A few years have passed and I have achieved everything I dreamed of. I created a business from scratch that reached a turnover of $100 million in two years. Cool hotels and branded items came into my life. I bought an apartment and a car in Kyiv. But at the same time, I lost the meaning of life. Although my wishes came true, I never experienced the happiness I was chasing. I was convinced that happiness does not live in material things. Then the question arose: what to strive for, where to run to, what to achieve? I decided to give up everything, handed over business management to trusted people, and left to find the meaning of life. I traveled to Tibet, India, Nepal, talked to spiritual mentors, lived in an ashram, searched for myself in religions, and meditated. What I came to is that all suffering comes from not accepting something in our lives. Suffering is disagreement with the current order of things. We live, work, achieve something and get some kind of result. It is neither good nor bad. It is what it is. We have to accept it as a fact. If we have done everything in our power, there is no need to suffer. We suffer only if we become attached to something, and if we calmly let go of any situations, money or people in our lives, we do not suffer.

Rich people know this and calmly let go of billions of dollars a day. If you've noticed, the rich don't work hard, but they clearly see the goal they need to hit and know exactly where the money will come from. This is a technique and an art that can be learned. Wealth is a set of skills that can be developed!

There are 5 main rules:

1. Do what you love and enjoy what you do

Work is the main part of our lives, so we should enjoy it. If you don't love your job, you are sacrificing your life to it. But it's never too late to change something. You need to sit down, have an honest conversation with yourself and understand what you want to do and what you definitely don't want to do. Most often, we initially choose a profession imposed on us by our parents. I almost became a doctor that way, and now I would have been terribly sympathetic to my patients because I would not have been a very good doctor, to put it mildly. But I'm grateful to my parents that when I graduated from medical school and entered the Faculty of Economics, they didn't pressure me and gave me the opportunity to choose. After doing some classes, I went to work. I liked doing "buy and sell," I felt like a fish in water. And I began to develop in this field. When I started my company, I don't even remember the moment when we had the first million dollars in our account. I just wasn't focused on income, I enjoyed the process. If you are interested in what you do, you will develop in this area and the money will always multiply there.

2. Appreciate yourself. Increase the value of what you do

If you are a professional and are constantly developing, the price of your services should increase every year. This point follows from the previous one. There will always be those who are willing to buy your services, but you must sincerely enjoy doing what you do.

3. Get negative attitudes out of your head

Affirmations, both positive and negative, work equally well. We are taught to formulate positive affirmations, such as "I deserve everything I want," but we don't notice how negative ones are constantly running through our heads. These include, "money is evil", "you can't earn all the money", "there is never enough money". Such attitudes block the energy of money. It's as if we're looking for evidence of why we don't have money, not why we should. You need to get rid of these attitudes and focus only on positive statements, such as "I deserve to have money", "I am a professional and I will always have money", "I can turn any idea into money."

4. Communicate with people who inspire you

Spend less time with whiners and complainers. The environment matters. Connections and opportunities always determine the future. People who whine more than they do and always feel sorry for themselves are like virus carriers: they infect everyone with their toxicity. You need to surround yourself with those who inspire you, from whom you want to learn something, who are developing as much as possible. Then, willy-nilly, you will be charged by their positive experience and desire to develop.

5. And most importantly, live with ease, but within your means

Trust life, and then you will have exactly as much money as you need. Money is definitely energy. Energy that is attracted to free and easy thinking.

Wealth is not in the number in your account, but in the feeling. You will surely always pay attention to someone in a crowd who has money. Even if they are dressed as everyone, drive a simple car, and do not show off, they always have the "smell" of money. Do you know why? It's all about wealth. Rich people smell of calmness, freedom and energy, and money is attracted to this scent. In order to feel rich, it is important to be light, not to look into other people's pockets, thinking, "oh, well, if I don't have what my neighbor has, then I am unhappy." Because you can never have enough. There will always be things that cost many times more than we can afford. But it is one thing when we enjoy what we have now and dream of more. And it's another when we suffer and are tormented by the current state of affairs and constantly see what we want to have but never get it. In this case, we block ourselves, rowing exhaustedly towards a brighter future. We simply do not have the energy to achieve it because dissatisfaction hides unhappiness, and unhappiness has no energy at all.

Money also does not come to those who constantly save it and deny themselves everything. Because money is drawn to pleasure. Learn to pamper yourself within your means and sincerely enjoy the pampering you have bought. The pleasure you get from spending the money you earn ignites the flame of wealth. The "smell" of a rich, wealthy person can only be acquired when you live within your means and know how to enjoy life. Such a person exudes prosperity, a feeling that they are satisfied with everything in life. They do not whine or complain, they are not a victim. A rich person is looking for opportunities to make their life easier and better, not for reasons why "everything is always so bad." A rich person tells themselves, "I deserve success and I will succeed." This positive attitude opens the gateway to both wealth and a life of pleasure. But it is very important not to fall into the trap of money, not to pick up the feeling that there is always not enough of it but to learn how to set goals, have money for them and at the same time remain a happy person, not to postpone happiness to the future. Enjoy everything you have right now.

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