Poland officially admits Russians to the Fencing World Cup

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The competition will take place from April 21-23 in Poznan

The Polish Fencing Association (PZS) intends to host the World Cup stage, which is to take place from April 21 to 23 in Poznan. According to the organisation's website, athletes from Russia and Russia will be allowed to participate in the competition, taking into account the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee made on March 28.

Before participating in the tournament, fencers with a Russian or Belarusian passport will have to submit a written statement in which they declare that they:

  • do not support the war in Ukraine
  • the war is a gross violation of international law and international treatiesare
  • not associated with Vladimir Putin's regimeare
  • not military personnel
  • do not work in the Russian or Belarusian armed forces or national security agencies.

It will also be a prerequisite that no symbols of the aggressor countries are used. Flags, anthems, national colours or any other distinctive signs of Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to be used either during the competition or during training.

In addition, no official representatives of the Russian or Belarusian state will be allowed to attend.


As reported earlier, the International Fencing Federation, headed by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, was the first and so far the only one to allow representatives of the Russian Federation and Belarus to participate in international tournaments.


After that, the French Fencing Federation announced its refusal to hold the World Cup stage among epee fencers, which is scheduled for May 19-21 of this year.


Earlier, a similar boycott was noted by Germany and Finland. In addition, the Ukrainian fencers will not participate in competitions where representatives of the aggressor countries will perform.


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