Perfect skin and accent on the lips: 7 rules of Korean make-up that will make your look fresh. Photo.

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Korean women have their own make-up tricks

Korean women are known worldwide for their fresh and natural make-up that never looks "too much". To achieve this, Korean beauties have their own secrets, which often become trendy in the beauty industry.

The editors of the Allcor website told us about the intricacies of Korean makeup. These tips will help you create a glowing make-up that will look appropriate at any age (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Caramel blush

Nothing makes a look more fresh and youthful than a light blush on the cheeks. Korean women choose caramel shades, which look more natural than deep pink colours.


Juicy lips

Korean beauties apply red and berry shades on their lips, covering the lipstick with gloss. This creates the effect of moist and slightly voluminous lips without the intervention of a beautician.


Shiny shadows

Korean women have long ago identified an effective way to visually enlarge their eyes. To do this, they use only shimmer eyeshadow, which is applied to the upper and lower eyelids.


Two-tone lips

Many people remember that several years ago, global cosmetic brands began to mass-produce lipsticks with two colours. This Korean trend allows you to create a more natural shade on your lips.


Additional moisturising

Before applying make-up, Korean women thoroughly moisturise not only their face, but also the area around the eyes, lips and neck. This care will help to get rid of wrinkles in the long run and will also help the foundation to blend in better.

Sun protection

Another life hack from the Koreans is a cream with SPF. The sun can dry out the skin and cause other problems, and a high-quality cream will help protect your face from radiation.

Make-up spatula

Most beauties around the world are used to applying foundation to their skin with their hands or a special sponge, but in Korea, a small spatula is in demand to apply the product evenly to the face.

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