People will be able to write messages with their thoughts: what scientists have presented

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New technology will allow you to write messages with your mind

Scientists have shocked with an innovation - now people will be able to write messages with their thoughts. The process of developing the technology is aimed primarily at people with disabilities.

The first tests are already underway, and the new technology has been tested by the first patients in the U.S. and Australia. More details about the scientific breakthrough was reported by CNBC.

The development will dramatically change the lives of people with paralysis and other movement-limiting illnesses. According to scientists at the New York-based startup Synchron, the synchronous switch would be implanted through blood vessels, allowing the power of thought to control cursors and message-writing devices.

This is made possible with the BCI system, which decodes brain signals and turns them into commands for external technology.

Synchron is already involving patients in early trials aimed at showing that the technology is completely safe and does no harm.

Synchron CEO Tom Oxley explained that Synchron's BCI will be carried through blood vessels, which Oxley calls "natural thoroughfares" into the brain. That is, tiny sensors will collect raw brain data and send it from the body to external devices.

According to Peter Yu, senior director of neuroscience, the device is not inserted directly into brain tissue, so signal quality may not be ideal. But it makes the procedure safer and more accessible, because contact with foreign objects can negatively affect brain activity.

For patients with disabilities, such as those with severe paralysis or dysuria, this innovative development will restore the ability to communicate with the outside world, with text messages they will not only be able to talk to family and friends, but also gain access to social networks.

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