People died because of the closed shelter of a polyclinic in Kyiv: police initiate criminal proceedings

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Police fix the aftermath of a missile attack
Police fix the aftermath of a missile attack

Kyiv police opened criminal proceedings over a report of a closed shelter in a medical facility in the capital. As a result, three people died, including a 9-year-old girl, who could not hide during the rocket attacks on the night of June 1.

This was reported by the head of the Kiev city military administration Sergei Popko, reports a correspondent of OBOZREVATEL. The perpetrator faces imprisonment from two to five years.

"Investigations are conducted - no one will hide information. I guarantee it," Popko stressed.

According to him, access to the shelter Kyivans had through the central entrance. There is also a spare one, but it does not open for people to enter it.


"There wasn't even a footprint there - to the entrance. That's why there was one access, signs were installed - the entrance to the vault was through the central entrance of the polyclinic... I'm not saying that it was closed (the central entrance. - Ed.) - I don't know that. We'll look into it," Popko added.

For his part, the head of Desniansky District State Administration Dmitriy Ratnikov said that according to the director of Polyclinic No. 3, the central entrance was opened by an employee of the night shift.

"Some of the residents were in the shelter, some were not. Three people died at the shelter. Now all the details of the tragedy are being clarified," Ratnikov added.


According to Interior Minister Igor Klimenko, because of the report of a closed shelter, the Kiev police have already opened criminal proceedings for malpractice (part 2 of Article 367 of the CCU), which caused grave consequences.


As reported in his Telegram channel, said the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko. Now the patrol officers will check whether there are institutions where you can take shelter from danger.

"As a result of the night-time shelling of the capital, 19 people were injured. Three of them were killed, including one child. 16 were injured. Nine people were hospitalized, one of them in serious condition. Seven, including one child, were treated as outpatients," Klitschko said.


The mayor of Kyiv added that law enforcers are currently carrying out investigative actions in the polyclinic and on its territory in Desnyansky district of the capital, where people were killed at night. It was found that a fragment of the missile fell at the entrance to the medical institution 4 minutes after the air-raid alarm was declared. And people were on their way to shelter.

"The investigation is now determining whether the shelter was open. Whether people were in it. According to rescuers, after the damage to the polyclinic, a group of people were escorted out of it. In Desnyansky district so far damaged three schools, a kindergarten, 6 houses and a police station", - Klitschko added.

According to him, the Kyiv patrol police will help control the work of shelters at night.

"Drive around during the curfew during the air raid shelters that are on the map of the city and will check whether they are open. But they will promptly pass on information to city services," summarized the mayor.


Recall that on the night of June 1, the aggressor country Russia committed another act of terrorism against Ukrainians by attacking Kyiv with Iskander missiles. Air defense forces shot down all 10 of these targets, but there were casualties and destruction in several areas. Yaroslav, a resident of the Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, lost his wife during the Russian missile attack on the night of June 1. He claims that he and his family and other residents fled to a shelter and it was simply not opened.

For his part, the mayor of the capital, Vitaly Klitschko, immediately responded to this information. According to him, representatives of the Department of Municipal Security will establish why the shelter of the polyclinic in Desniansky district of Kiev was closed during the air-raid on the night of June 1. For his work is the responsibility of the head of the medical institution.



As reported by OBOZREVATEL, our correspondent visited the scene of the tragedy in Desnyansky district of Kyiv and talked to local residents. You can read more about it in our story.

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