People born in spring and summer are special: astrologers explain why

Horoscope for spring and summer birthdays. Source: Created with the help of AI

The month, day, and even time of birth can tell us a lot about a person's character - at least, that's what astrologers say. Spring represents a new beginning and awakening, while summer is a symbol of prosperity and intensity, so the character traits of spring and summer signs are very different.

A study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada gives a slightly more scientific view of this issue. Researchers there decided to check what months most CEOs of large companies were born. And it turned out that people born in the spring are considered more mature and intellectually developed, so they can achieve better academic results and have a chance for a better job in the future. Astrologers told us about the differences between spring and summer personalities.

Those born in the second half of March and April have a hot temperament

The astronomical spring begins with the vernal equinox, and it's no wonder that the most fiery people are born during the Aries season. They are ambitious, courageous, independent, and passionate individuals who love spontaneity and are ready for travel and adventure. Thanks to their vitality, they often go ahead and get what they want.

People born in the second half of March and the first half of April are optimistic and do not panic or depress when faced with obstacles. They are extremely resistant to stress, and in a situation where many people lose their common sense, they can surprise with their analytical thinking.

May birthdays seek stability and peace of mind

Calmness, rationality, equanimity - this is how you can characterize the zodiacal Taurus. They have a pragmatic approach to life and love stability. Taurus go through life slowly, and changes are difficult for them. This earthy zodiac sign loves harmony with nature, which gives them peace and inspiration.

May birthdays rarely take into account the opinions of others. This shows their self-confidence. They are characterized by a strong mind and resourcefulness. They make excellent use of these qualities at work, although their career never develops as quickly as it can be for people with fire signs. Earthy Taurus also has a large dose of empathy, which is manifested not only towards people but also towards nature and animals.

Born in June - witty and sociable

People born in the first half of June are real social butterflies. They are sociable, emotional, witty, and loyal individuals. Gemini is associated primarily with joy and a sense of humor. They bring a sense of celebration to any team.

Geminis feel very comfortable on stage or in other situations where they need to showcase their talents and be the center of attention. However, sometimes Gemini can resort to manipulation.

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