Orchids will bloom continuously: there is only one condition that everyone forgets

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Orchids love light, it is important not to forget about it. Source: Created with the help of AI

An orchid seems capricious and difficult to care for to inexperienced indoor plant lovers, although many would like to decorate their homes with this wonderful flower. In fact, keeping the plant and providing it with conditions in which it would bloom regularly is not that difficult.

Experts in indoor floriculture say that for the orchid to bloom for a long time, one key condition must be met. As OBOZ.UA found out, it is sufficient lighting.

Although direct sunlight can be too aggressive for the flower, it should still receive a lot of light. Ideally, choose the south side for the pot, but place it so that it stands in diffused light.

Also, repot the orchid on time. For a young plant, the optimal frequency is once every year or two. You can also focus on the roots of the plant. If they begin to bulge out of the pot, it's time to move the flower to a slightly larger vessel. It is advisable to choose transparent pots that would provide light access to the root part of the orchid.

And don't forget about suitable soil. An orchid will not grow in ordinary soil. It needs a special bark-based mixture that is breathable and does not retain too much moisture. Then your flower will feel the best.

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