Orchids will bloom all the time: one simple trick will help

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How to fertilize orchids

Orchids are one of the most demanding indoor plants. The slightest mistakes in care, drafts, or changes in the watering regime lead to the loss of flower stalks.

It is not easy to grow orchids, but effective tips will help you achieve a high-quality result. The Mirror magazine has revealed how to make the flowers bloom all the time.

Effective fertilization

Florist Kiva Kriti emphasized that a healthy orchid can bloom for six to ten weeks, but you can make the flowering process repeat as often as possible.

An effective means of watering the plant will come in handy. One feeding will not be enough - it is important to repeat the procedure every 10 days.

  1. You need to soak the crushed banana peel in warm water and wait a few hours.
  2. Then you should take a small glass, add banana water, and pour it over the orchid.
  3. It is better to do this in the kitchen sink so that the excess can drain freely from the substrate.

Mild stressful conditions can also push an orchid to flower. Graham Rice from the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK shared one of his best tips on how to make an orchid bloom more often than once a year. According to the plant specialist, phalaenopsis is perhaps the easiest of all orchid varieties to grow at home. If the plant has no flowers for a long time, don't give up and throw it away.

"There is one simple trick that helps tremendously: temperature difference. The night temperature should be slightly lower than the daytime temperature, so you can take the containers to another cooler room at night," Rice advised.

Substrate for the orchid

Indeed, orchid care is a real science. In their natural environment, orchids are mostly either epiphytic (those that grow on trees) or lithophytic (those that grow on rocks) plants.

They usually grow high on trees in the rainforest, on rough bark. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate substrate. It is better to plant plants in a special bark-based compost that promotes root aeration and drainage - this will avoid waterlogging.

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