Orchid will bloom constantly: where is the best place to put the plant

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Where to put the orchid

A fastidious orchid requires special treatment. It is important to choose the right level of lighting and adjust the watering regime.

An orchid is an exotic flower that immediately reacts to the slightest changes in the environment. Excess and lack of light will quickly affect its growth. Where to put an orchid so that it blooms constantly, read the OBOZREVATEL article.

How to choose the right lighting

An insufficient amount of diffused light is the main reason why an orchid loses its colour. Flowers and leaves can become dull before finally fading.

However, you should not place the orchid in the sun. The plant can get burned by direct sunlight. If the orchid is on a windowsill and there is nothing to cover it with, simply move it to the side during periods of high solar activity. Or darken the window with a curtain or gauze.

Orchids prefer moderate light. But there are also shade-tolerant species that need low light levels.

Experts believe that it is better to place the orchid on the east or west side of the apartment, in rooms that do not receive too much sun. This is an ideal option, a "golden mean", because on the north side the plant will be too cold, and on the south side it will be too hot.

Orchids need 10-12 hours of daylight for healthy growth. Of course, in winter, the flower needs more lighting. Buy a fluorescent or LED lamp - they do not emit a lot of heat and the orchid will not suffer from overheating. The lamp should be switched on in the morning and evening for short periods.

Remember, it is very undesirable for the orchid to get used to artificial light. Therefore, use the lamp in a dosed manner and do not place it too close to the plant.

Temperature and humidity

The optimal humidity level in the room is 60-80%. For other indicators, you should put expanded clay filled with water in the tray under the cache-pot and ventilate the room more often.

It is important that the orchid is not too hot. The air temperature should not rise above 27°C. The minimum temperature threshold that is comfortable for an orchid is 20°C.

Temperature changes have a bad effect on the orchid, the plant can quickly wither. The ideal temperature difference should be no more than 5°C.

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