Opening the sky in Ukraine: SkyUp explained how air carrier market can be destroyed

The airplane at the airport. Source: proleteli.com.

After the opening of the sky in Ukraine, many companies will want to establish "image routes". Whether local companies will be able to hold their ground among major competitors is unknown.

According to Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO of Ukrainian low-cost carrier SkyUp, demand is expected to be very high. Civil aviation will quickly take over, epravda.com.ua writes.

In an interview with the publication, he told what can take place in the market of air carriers.

"The demand will be huge. But the question is how many flights and carriers will be there and what the ability of airports to provide traffic will look like. I am sure that every carrier will consider that it must put a flight to Kyiv. It does not matter whether it is profitable or not, it will be a PR move," he believes.

He also noted that large companies can sell tickets at minimal prices, which cannot but affect the competitiveness with Ukrainian carriers.

"Foreign carriers have more airplanes than us. This is a fact. They will be able to afford to put flights at 150 hryvnias. It is not known whether they will do that".

But if they decide to "finish off" the remaining Ukrainian carriers, they will try to do it. There will be no easy competition," the general director says.

In his opinion, Ukraine will be able to quickly ensure the fulfillment of flights, while the full-fledged operations in pre-war volumes will be ready in a few months.

"It will take weeks for full-fledged resumption of operations to work with 1-2 days to start releasing or receiving flights," he emphasized.

It includes people, launching and debugging all the equipment and communication with Eurocontrol and with the whole world.

"It will take several months to get carriers and traffic back, restore logistics to the airports and renew lease agreements, etc.," SkyUp's CEO said.

We recall that Ukraine has had a sky closure since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. Sky closure is a ban on the flight of any air object over a certain territory.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, days on which it is forbidden to buy airline tickets if you want to save on travel are named.

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