Only the most attentive will notice something interesting in a picture with a tree: check yourself

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You can see a lot of interesting things on an ordinary tree if you look closely

Animals and birds have evolved a lot of ways to hide over the millennia of evolution, even in open spaces. This allows herbivores to slip out of sight of predators, and predators to go unnoticed while hunting. People can be completely confused.

For example, look at this image. At first glance, it seems that you are looking at just a part of the trunk and lush crown of a large tree. But in fact, it is not. There are three owls sitting on this tree. Your task is to find them in 20 seconds.

Can you spot the three owls in this photo?

Owls are known for their ability to camouflage themselves perfectly to their habitat. As long as the bird doesn't move, you won't even notice that it's in front of you. So it is in this picture. However, since this is a photo, you can't wait for the owls to give themselves away. Therefore, you will have to rely solely on your own observation.

Set a timer and look closely at the picture. The owls are definitely here somewhere. Your task is to determine where exactly. Scan the image pixel by pixel. And don't give up, even if the time is up.

If you need a hint, experienced bird watchers have a life hack for spotting an owl that is very well camouflaged in the area. Try to be the first to notice the beak. It has a unique shape that can give away the bird's location.

If even this hint didn't help, scroll down below. There you will find the correct answer to the puzzle. Three owls sitting together in a tree are circled in the picture with a red circle.

The answer to the puzzle with three owls in a tree

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