Onions won't spoil for months: one place to avoid at all costs

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You can store onions in the refrigerator in only one case

Onions usually keep well for a long time. It is a hardy vegetable that can survive the whole winter. However, problems can be caused by storage in unsuitable conditions.

If you put the onion in the wrong place, the vegetable will start to sprout, rot, become soft, or get moldy. OBOZ.UA tells you how to store onions properly at home, which will help you avoid all these troubles and preserve as many nutrients as possible in the pulp.

If properly stored, onions can stay good for six months. But for this purpose, it should never be stored in the refrigerator. High humidity in the refrigerator will cause the vegetable to become soft, lose its crispness, and soon begin to rot. In general, all conditions in the refrigerator are the opposite of what onions need. It needs moderate heat and dry air.

The only exception to this rule is peeled and chopped onions. Even just cut into halves. In this form, it is really better to store it in the refrigerator. But not for long, because the juice and nutrients it contains evaporate quickly from the cut fruit. Refrigeration can slow down this process, but not stop it completely.

So where is the best place to store onions? Experts advise putting it in the pantry. The vegetable should be kept in a dry, cool (but not cold) and well-ventilated place. Air movement is very important in this case. That is why a box is also not the best place for onions.

Another important condition for storing onions is the right neighborhood. It should not be placed next to potatoes and other ethylene-sensitive foods. The vegetable releases this gas and thus provokes the potatoes to sprout faster. One of the few foods that is safe to store with onions is garlic, as it prefers the same environment.

For best preservation, remove the purchased onions from the package and place them in a mesh bag or perforated bag to allow for proper air circulation. After that, place it in a cupboard or on a pantry shelf, away from heating appliances or other heat sources. This way, your vegetable will stay strong and crispy longer and with a sufficient nutrient content.

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