This habit ruins your sleep schedule: most people have it

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Doctors advise against using a bed for anything other than sleep and sex

A good night's sleep is the fundamental basis of our health. Without it, not only can we not be productive during the day, but we also risk developing serious illnesses. Did you know that you can negatively affect the quality of your sleep by doing certain things?

According to Express.co.uk, an extremely common mistake was pointed out by Chester Wu, a doctor who specializes in sleep hygiene. According to her, this mistake is using the bed for any purpose other than sleeping and resting.

Wu recommends not lying under the covers in the morning because it will make you feel more sluggish and weak, and more lazy during the day. That's why she encourages you to get up and start your day as soon as your alarm goes off or as soon as you wake up.

Chelsie Rohrscheib, a brain and sleep expert, agrees. According to her, you can't do activities in bed that aren't related to sleep and intimacy. The brain must have a clear idea that this place is intended for the activities listed above only. This will help it to calm down and relax as soon as you are in bed. A psychological attachment will work.

Experts also say that drinking a glass of water right after waking up and breathing fresh air are good morning habits. Water will help restore the body's balance, and a short morning walk or even just a minute at an open window will help the body react properly to daylight.

Light during the day is very important for the body's circadian rhythms. Its lack can reduce the quality of your sleep, contribute to insomnia, and negatively affect your mood.

And, of course, light exercise in the morning, such as stretching or doing some gymnastics, will be of great benefit. A morning walk with your dog will also work. They will help wake up your body and increase your heart rate, shaking off remaining sleepiness.

Finally, doctors recommend making your bed in the morning. This ritual will help you fix your awakening and then avoid daytime sleep. This habit can also disrupt your sleep patterns at night.

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