On the war crimes of the Russians: the Ukrainian film "Chernobyl 22" won at the film festival in Oberhausen

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This year's festival began on April 26

The Ukrainian film "Chernobyl 22", which tells about the occupation of the Chernobyl NPP, won the grand prize at the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen (Germany). It was directed by Alexei Radinsky and produced by Luba Knorozok. The film tells the story of war crimes of Russians in the Chernobyl zone through the mouths of its workers.

Radinsky announced this in his Telegram. The documentary consists of footage shot on a cell phone, as well as eyewitness accounts. By the way, the judges of the film festival said that the director was able to convey the tension and the atmosphere of war.

"While working on the film, we conducted more than twenty in-depth interviews with witnesses of Russian war crimes in the zone. These people are very different: from nuclear power plant workers to environmentalists. Their testimonies have one observation in common: the Russians ended up in Chernobyl without the slightest idea of where they really ended up," Radinsky shared.


He added that it would have been nice if he had not had to make a film about the Russian occupation of the Chernobyl power plant and if the story had remained in the realm of science fiction. But fate decided otherwise, and, as a result, Alexei's work has the grand prize.


By the way, Alexei Radinsky received a cash reward of 8 thousand euros (324 thousand hryvnias) for winning. In total, the members of the jury awarded 20 prizes worth 43 thousand euros. The award ceremony was held at the Lichtburg Film House in Oberhausen.

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