Office etiquette: rules that practically every employee violates

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Business etiquette

Business etiquette is a set of rules that governs behavior and communication at work. By following the rules, you can create a productive and cozy atmosphere for every employee.

The wrong behavior of one person can affect the reputation of the entire company. OBOZREVATEL has collected the rules that almost all employees violate.

Violation of personal space

In the modern world, the office workspace is shared. Only managers and directors have separate offices. But even if your desk is not fenced off, this does not give other people the right to interrupt your work with inappropriate conversations or comments. This can distract a person from the task at hand, leading to mistakes during the task.

Communicating with colleagues about financial expenses

Salaries are different for all employees, and not everyone wants to hear about expensive purchases or travel of people in higher positions. This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and makes people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better not to brag about your finances to avoid social inequality.

Disregard for colleagues' time

Being late for work or delaying a report or other task hurts the entire company. You need to be respectful of other people's time because your colleagues suffer from untimely completion of tasks.

Inattention to the interlocutor

If a colleague approaches you to ask for advice or to discuss work issues, you need to put aside your work and listen carefully or tell them to come back later. Because when you look at a computer or phone screen during a conversation, it creates a feeling of uselessness in the person who is talking.

Sounds from gadgets

Sounds from notifications or loud music on a call or in headphones reduce the efficiency of your colleagues. It disturbs them and they can't focus on their work. 


It's common to gossip and talk about other colleagues in the office. You can't say anything personal about a person without asking them. You shouldn't send screenshots of messages to others either. This will put the employee in an awkward position.

Errors in correspondence

You need to check not only for misspellings but also for the correct presentation of information. The person who receives the message should immediately understand the point. Avoid overly veiled sentences and complex phrases.

Communicate via messengers

People often use the voice and video messaging feature in messengers. But this is not accepted in business etiquette. You need to ask permission from the person you are sending the message to first, so as not to embarrass them.


Employees need to remember that the working day is over and they can rest, not answer work calls or messages. Such a negligent attitude towards colleagues can lead to burnout and loss of interest in work.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published etiquette rules that will help you avoid uncomfortable topics when talking to a stranger.

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