Occupants used an analogue of the American "smart bomb" during a night attack on the Sumy region - Defense Express

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Moscow launches production of ammunition with flight correction option

Russian troops used a UMPC flight-corrected guided missile, which is an analogue of the US JDAM-ER, to strike the Sumy region on the night of March 24. The aggressor country has apparently established production of such munitions.

This is reported by Defense Express, which received photos of the wreckage of the air bomb dropped in the Sumy Region from its own sources. The footage shows the surviving module of the UMPC, which can provide answers to key questions, experts say (photo at the bottom of the news).

In particular, the module may contain elements of the munition's flight controls.

This would allow to accurately determine the navigation system, and if it consists only of satellite - to implement the fight against these bombs by interfering with GPS, GLONASS and other similar systems. In any case, however, the most effective means of combating UMPC is to destroy the carriers of these bombs.

It is also important to establish the origin of the electronic components in order to be able to influence their supply channels as well as the manufacturing plant of the ready-made bombs and the possibility of producing them in Russia, Defense Express notes.

The existence of UMPC, or MPC (Universal Planning and Correction Module), the developer of which was the NPO Bazalt, first became known in early January 2023. Judging by the increase in cases of use, Russia has established the production of "smart bombs" and we are talking about not a single sample, experts say.

The first known use of UMPC occurred in the occupied Donetsk , when the UMPC fell in the northwestern district on March 12.

According to the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupiers dropped at least 11 planing bombs, at least some of which are JDAM-ER analogs, as evidenced by photos.

Thus, in Donetsk, where it was definitely known that JDAM-ER had been used, debris similar to that found in the Sumy region was recorded. In particular, the shape of the wings, as well as the fasteners speak of it.

It is known that the UMPC converts a conventional FAB-500 into a satellite-corrected planning system using an inertial system, as in a full-fledged JDAM-ER.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On the night of March 24, Russian troops launched strikes in the Sumy region. Two civilians were killed and there was damage in the town of Bilopillya as a result of the shelling. In addition to airstrikes, the enemy also used artillery and Grads, as well as Shaheds.

- At the beginning of March, it became known that the AFU had already begun using high-precision JDAM-ER air bombs at the front. These shells are capable of hitting targets at a distance of about 75 kilometers and have GPS guidance. After dropping, the bomb opens its wings, which allows it to fly to the required distance. JDAM-ERs are effective for attacking forward positions or second echelon rear areas.

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