Occupants in Crimea have created a defensive group and are preparing for a counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: DIU discloses details

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Occupants created a defence group in Crimea

Russian occupiers have created a defence group on the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula. They are preparing for defence in case of a counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, said this during a national telethon. He stressed that Ukrainian intelligence is constantly monitoring the activities of the Russian troops on the peninsula.

According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the infrastructure in Crimea is maintained in combat readiness. A powerful ground and aviation component is deployed there, including about 90 combat aircraft and 60 combat helicopters.

"A defence group has been set up, which is taking measures to equip fortifications and the defence line. They are preparing for defensive actions on the peninsula," Skibitsky stressed.

According to him, to build defensive fortifications, the Russians "chose the most dangerous areas where a naval landing operation could be carried out, and now they are preparing defensive lines there".

Earlier it became known that the occupiers had dug approximately 200 km of trenches along the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea. They have turned the embankment in the western part of the peninsula into a system of trenches reinforced with boardwalks, with places for shooting and shelter.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian invaders in the temporarily occupied Crimea are actively preparing to confront the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, in Simferopol, the occupation "authorities" are creating so-called "voluntary units";

- in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian city of Yevpatoriya in Crimea, they began to build defences on the coast. Under the guise of "reconstruction" of the waterfront, a system of trenches is being constructed there, stretching for hundreds of kilometres.

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