Not vinegar: what to clean your windows with to make them shine perfectly

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How to clean windows

Cleaning windows can be a real challenge because of the constant streaks that are hard to avoid. Even expensive products sometimes leave marks.

Among all home life hacks, the most popular is the use of vinegar or newspapers, but the latter can damage the frames with ink. The Express publication shares what else can be used to clean windows to a shine without streaks.

It is known that white vinegar is an excellent natural product for cleaning windows, but there is a significant disadvantage: a pungent acidic odor that does not disappear from the room for a long time.

Regardless of the cleaning technique and glass cleaners, small spots and stains almost always remain on the windows.

Keen Clean experts recommend using a rather unexpected natural product. We are talking about tea bags. Do not throw them away with the kitchen waste. Cleaning professionals claim that black tea "is the best solution for cleaning glass."

Step 1. Take the used tea bags. It should be regular black tea, without additives or coloring. Store the teabags in a separate box until you have enough of them.

Step 2. Steep 10-15 used tea bags in hot water until they cool. The mixture should turn dark brown. Then pour the solution into a spray bottle.

Step 3. Spray the solution generously on dirty windows and wipe off the excess with a rubber squeegee.

Step 4. Use several sheets of old newspaper but do not crumple them (the paper should be flat).

Step 5. Wipe down or across in one direction and apply light pressure.

Compared to standard rags and towels, newspapers have a fairly rigid structure. They do not flake and do not leave lint. You can also use microfiber cloths. However, it is better to wipe the frames with a paper towel so that the newspaper ink does not leave stains.

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