Not just the sea: what to see in Greece in early spring, when there are still few tourists

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The most interesting places for winter vacations in Greece

Most tourists see Greece exclusively as a summer beach vacation. But this country is truly revealed in the cold season and early spring, when you can see the sights, ancient cities, ruins and taste the most delicious local delicacies in the quiet restaurants without the crowds. OBOZREVATEL selected 3 places in Greece, which should be visited while there are still few tourists.


The ancient Greek city is located on an island in the middle of the lake of the same name. It is connected with the land by only one road, the width of which does not exceed 4 meters. Kastoria was mentioned even by the Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea. He says that Diocletianoupolis, a settlement not far from here, was in the 4th century and that it was destroyed by numerous barbarian raids. Then the emperor decided to "relocate" the city to a protected piece of land in the middle of a body of water.

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On one side of the island rises a rock, the other is protected by deep waters. This has preserved to this day the sites of Greece's greatest prosperity. Here are:

The prehistoric settlement of Dispilio is an open-air museum. Here, according to the hypothesis of historians, were the first inhabitants of the area. There are two caves nearby, which also attract tourists.

The monasteries of Panagia Mavriotissa and the Holy Hands of Melissotope are two religious complexes from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods that are both centers of religious and cultural enlightenment. There are icons, frescoes and paintings from ancient times that are unequivocally an important part of Greek history.

Nastimo Petrified Forest is a unique natural monument, estimated by historians to be more than 15 million years old. Tropical plants have been preserved here, frozen forever next to the skeletons of huge sharks and herbivores. It is believed that the area was once completely flooded by the sea, which triggered the fossilization process.

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At any time of year, an introduction to Greece should begin in Athens. The streets of this city contain all of Byzantine history, which, like a textbook, reveals the rise and fall of one of mankind's greatest empires.

The capital is surrounded by four high mountains, Pandeli, Imittos, Egaleo, and Parnita. They protect the settlement from wind and weather. So it is relatively warm even in winter and spring. At least when compared to most European countries.

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In cooler times, you can easily walk around interesting locations:

The Acropolis is the birthplace of Athens. A number of temples and monumental structures dedicated to the divine patroness of the city, ancient alleys and imperial splendor even decades later evoke admiration.

The Byzantine Museum preserves monuments of the Cretan and Macedonian school of iconography. This is a place worth visiting if only to get a closer look at the multifaceted history of Greece.

Cape Sounion was home to the magnificent temple of Poseidon more than a millennium ago. From here you have an incredible view of the sea. And from the water it seems as if the shrine is floating in the distance.

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Home of the Olympic Games and the mighty Spartans. 100,000 years ago, the island was already known far beyond the region. Representatives of different empires came here to negotiate, to conclude peace agreements and to watch the world's first sports competitions.

Thanks to its long and turbulent history, the Peloponnese has become the cradle of many interesting locations. And what is surprising, each individual city of the island has its own unique flavor.

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This is why you should not visit individual sites, but whole districts:

Corinthia is the first thing tourists see when they come to the area. It impresses foreigners with its incredible combination of mountains, a huge amount of greenery and beaches. Here they grow grapes that are used to make the world famous Greek raisins.

Laconia is famous not only for its beautiful nature, but also for its historical cities. There is one of the most important centers of political life of late Byzantium - Mistra, as well as the ancient fortress of Monemvasia.

Ahaya is also called the sea gate to Europe. There are interesting sites of ancient times, the latest buildings and an incredibly beautiful bridge. From Athens, you can get here in just one hour.

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