Not even war mosquitoes anymore: Russia accuses the US of creating psycho-electronic weapons to control thoughts and shows a "scheme"

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Russia says the US is working on a weapon to control thoughts

The Russians never cease to amaze with their schizophrenic statements and break new ground with their propaganda. For example, Russia has accused the United States of creating psycho-electronic weapons that control thoughts.

This was stated by Moscow City Duma Deputy Ekaterina Yengalicheva, according to Russian media. She claims that scientists in the United States are developing the latest psycho-electronic weapons that can control thoughts and strengthen impulses in humans.

According to the MP, such technologies are created to control people on a mass scale.

Yengalicheva referred to a so-called "leak from the United States", but did not specify the source. In support of her words, the woman posted unclear diagrams, which, according to her, show the very same psycho-electronic weapons.

"Now do you understand why they need the whole world to be connected to the internet by 2030? Why does everyone have to be driven to any public service portals,, etc. in all countries? It is through communication towers (who owns them, by the way?), through the Internet that they plan to do all this in the coming years," the MP said.


Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces trolled the invaders by showing their "biological weapons". The military showed feathered "warriors" from biolabs dropping grenades on the occupiers.

Earlier, the academician exposed Russia's lies about bioweapons in Ukraine. He emphasised that all Soviet developments remained on the territory of the Russian Federation and noted that Ukraine had never developed biological weapons, even under the Soviet Union.

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