Not an ounce of make-up: 5 celebrities who are unrecognisable without makeup. Photo.

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Some celebrities are hard to recognise without foundation and false eyelashes.

At social events, their skin is like porcelain, their eyes are large and bright, and their cheekbones are expressive. All this is the result of careful self-care and the skilful hands of make-up artists.

What do the stars look like without the magic of make-up? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Sofia Vergara (50 years old)

Colombian and American actress and model Sofia Vergara is not shy about showing her true self in real life. She often goes live on Instagram without make-up, and for walks, she lightly paints her eyebrows and lips. However, for those who do not subscribe to her social media, it will be very difficult to recognise the celebrity without make-up.


2. Pamela Anderson (55 years old)

Canadian-American actress, fashion model and producer Pamela Anderson has been wearing too bright make-up since she was a young girl, focusing on her eyes. But she rarely goes out without make-up at all. And in vain, because in her natural form, the star looks younger than her age.


3. Eva Longoria (48 years old)

American actress, producer, director and model Eva Longoria loves to apply rich eye and lip make-up to make them more expressive. The star hides her skin behind "tonnes" of foundation and contouring. So without make-up, she doesn't look much like herself.


4. Taylor Swift (33 years old)

The American singer Taylor Swift is complex because, in her opinion, she has small eyes. The celebrity corrects this "flaw" with the help of arrows and shadows. Without make-up, she looks at least 7-10 years younger.


5. Nicki Minaj (40 years old)

American rap singer Nicki Minaj likes to shock the audience with shocking images. This includes bright make-up with very long eyelashes and often scandalous costumes. If you met the star in real life, you would hardly recognise her. When she washes off her make-up, it's like a different person.


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