Any frost is not terrible: how to insulate a balcony in winter

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How to insulate a balcony in winter

Most owners use the balcony as a non-residential space to store various things. Therefore, they do not pay attention to insulation during renovation, which they may regret in the winter.

A thin layer of insulation leads to significant heat loss. But OBOZ.UA has found useful tips to help avoid this.

Cold air from the balcony enters the apartment, lowering the temperature in the rooms. First of all, you need to check the door for tightness, because it is through small cracks that you lose a lot of heat. Polyurethane sealants and mastics are best suited for this purpose, as they are quite plastic and resistant to various kinds of impacts.

Walls also need additional protection. Use heat-insulating materials such as mineral wool, aerogel, foam, and others. Even an ordinary blanket will be an additional barrier against cold and wind.

Thefloor can be insulated with carpets, carpeting, or other available coverings. This inexpensive and simple method will make your life much easier in winter.

If there is a pipeline on the balcony, insulate it to reduce heat loss. Use fan heaters or heaters to quickly heat the room.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published a list of actions on how to insulate windows to freeze less in winter.

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